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How to make clay bricks

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  • How to make clay bricks

    clay bricks industry
    Clay is one of the widely spread materials, and it is inexpensive to use compared to other building materials, and builders use mud bricks to create large and stable buildings that last for many years despite the climate, and these bricks can be made by following the following method

    Materials needed
    Clay rich soil.
    construction sand.
    brick molds.
    Brick oven.
    Heavy-duty, heat-resistant gloves.
    fire retardant surface

    Determine the location or location of the soil that contains a high percentage of clay, and test it for its suitability for building bricks, and this can be done by taking a pinch of dirt and adding water to it until it becomes viscous or flexible and formable, and making a circular ball of it and placing it on a flat surface under the sun’s rays Immediately and leave it for two to four days until it dries completely, and check whether it has cracks or crumbling, and if not, that means that the soil is suitable for making bricks.

    Gathering enough quantity to make bricks using a shovel, placing it in an open place on a flat surface and leaving it for a period of two months, during which time it is exposed to rain and sun, and it disintegrates to become sand and mud.

    Mixing clay sand with construction sand in the wheelbarrow, so that one quantity of construction sand for every 10 quantities of clay sand.

    Add water to the sand mixture so that the proportion of water is one part to four parts of the dry mixture, and knead the mixture well for three hours until it becomes a soft and formable clay.

    Placing the bricks in a closed room on a flat surface, then pouring clay in them to the edges, scraping the clay surface using a special tool until it becomes even, then removing the molds and leaving the bricks to dry for four weeks.

    Preheat the brick oven at 980°C for two hours, turn the bricks over and place them in the hot oven and leave them for 16 hours.

    Take the bricks out of the oven using tongs and after wearing gloves, put them on a fire-resistant surface and leave them overnight to cool down.

    Where is the mud?
    Clay can be found at construction sites and road junctions, anywhere that becomes slippery after rain and sticky when it begins to dry out. When searching for clay, it must be chosen so that it can be shaped into a pen that can be wrapped around the finger without breaking.

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