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Types of natural stone

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  • Types of natural stone

    There are many types of stones on the surface of the earth, and each type of these stones has its own uses, and among these uses is construction, and nature includes many types of stones designated for construction, but these stones differ among themselves on the basis of where they are found, and it is important to know that there are many Some of the countries that produce stones include Palestine, Germany, and Jordan. Here are some types of stones.

    stone according to constituent material
    Stones containing mainly silica, such as quartz stones.
    Stones that contain silicate in addition to many other minerals, such as feldspar, and this stone contains aluminum silicate, in addition to potassium and lime. From brown to black.

    Stones composed of calcareous minerals, and these stones usually consist of any pure calcium carbonate which is called calcite, and sometimes of magnesium and dolomite that is calcium carbonate.

    According to the area containing the stone
    The stones have been classified on the basis of the region of their origin. Examples of these stones are as follows:

    Like the Ruwaished stone, this stone is formed in the Ruwaished area, and in the desert areas, and is characterized by its pure whiteness, and it absorbs a small amount of water, and it has a bit of hardness and durability, in addition to its ability to withstand all weather conditions in the summer and winter seasons.

    Ma'an stone, and what distinguishes this stone is its tough structure, in addition to its low water absorption and sometimes it does not absorb water completely, and it is able to resist all weather conditions, whether in summer or winter, and is characterized by its bright white color, and this stone is one of the The best kind of stones.

    According to the pattern
    Building stones are engraved in many shapes, and based on these shapes, the stones are classified:

    The blemished stone is also called the blaster, and the pit. This stone is engraved using a pointed thorn, so that the pits are evenly distributed over the entire area of ​​the stone, and it is important to take into account that the depth of one click is approximately five millimeters.

    Sesame stone, and this stone is engraved using chisel and the engravings are equal and parallel horizontally and vertically.
    Tabzah stone.
    The stone of the pit, and the engraving of this stone is equal, and the engraving of this stone goes through two stages, the first stage manually and the second stage in the form of a saw

    while the second stage is using the pestle of the tab, and this stone is required to be free of pits and cavities.
    Combed stone This stone is leveled, then combed using a special mesh and intensively, and this stone is considered one of the soft stones.

    انواع حجر الواجهات واسعارها
    واجهات حجر للمنازل والفلل والمساجد بأفضل الأسعار
    الهاشمي استون
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