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do we really need a lawer ?

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  • do we really need a lawer ?

    Hi, I am about to get married (I am usc), do we really need to hire a lawer to get my wife legal, or is it posible to do the paper work in our own ?
    I thank you all for your coming advices.
    How difficult is the paper work ??

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    Hi, I am about to get married (I am usc), do we really need to hire a lawer to get my wife legal, or is it posible to do the paper work in our own ?
    I thank you all for your coming advices.
    How difficult is the paper work ??


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      I assume your wife is in illegal status right now.

      Important to know is if she entered the US illegally or did she overstay her visa?


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        You will get 2 answers from this forum of course.Ultimately, if you have the money and know of a good lawyer that is perfectly OK to get one and oftentimes laymen like us overlook a lot of things in our desire to get immediate answers from our problems from INS.


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          i forgot to mention, my wife over stayed, she came legally as a tourist (no special visa was required), the reason why I am asking advises if we need a lawer or not to get her legal ones we get married, is because of our financial situation is not that great, we don't really have extra money in our budget.....
          so is it possible to do the paper work in our own ?
          where to get guidance ?
          Thank you very much for your advices, all of you.


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            really depends on your situation and if she entered the Us legally or not.. for instance in my situation I need a lawyer since my wife came in the US and INS put restrictions on her I-94 and we got married 6 days later.. so a lawyer would really benefit us.. however if you have a simple enough case then you should be able to do it yourself however if you do not fill out one thing correctly on the form the they send a request for more information letter which prolongs the approval.. I would at least go and consult with a lawyer to see your options.. however search around and see your options. 1st lawyer I saw watned close to 5k and the second wanted 3k and the 2nd is a much better and reconized lawyer.. well good luck! trust me you need it... its a looooong proccess and you have to wait it thru!


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              yes she came legally, as a tourist, the last time was 2 years ago.


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                you should be fine then.. just make sure that you file all the correct paperwork.. and make sure that your spouse DOES NOT LEAVE THE US... becuse if she does then she will be sbdued to the 3/10 yr ban..if she stays in the US while the paperwork is getting processed then you should be fine.. if you have to leave the US for some reason or wnat to.. then you have to file for advanced parol and it shows that on this link I gave you on your other qestion so check it out.. you are going to have to file the I-485 and it takes about over a year to get.

                good luck!


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                    Please do not make the same mistake I did. My husband and I were already married and I filed the paperwork myself. I thought everything was fine. We even got his work permit and his social security number, but then they apprehended and deported him at our marriage interview. There are so many little things that I wish I had known then. A lawyer will make sure that your don't hit any speed bumps and they have ways of contacting INS that you don't. Regardless of what you believe, INS does not care about you or your wife and if they can find an excuse to deny residence or entry, they will without a moment's hesitation. Do not fall prey to INS like we did. I thought it was so much money to hire a lawyer, but I would pay that in a moment now. If you value your marriage, then please hire a lawyer. It can prevent a serious complication later.


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                      how come he got deported at the interwiew, for what ??????
                      just because he was out of status ???? but u were married !!??????


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                        yes I would liketo know for what as well?? what did he get deported for?? did he leave the country and try to come bacK???? Im confused? pls explain


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                          I filed for my four children who were living with me illegally in the USA without the assistance of an attorney. Three of them got through because they were minors but my daughter who is now nineteen and who left our home country because because she was sexually abused was denied entry because she has overstayed as an adult. If I had an attorney I would have realized that the 3 /10 year ban would have affected her because she was over 18.

                          Eventhough the cost may be a lot if I had used an attorney I would have my daughter with me instead of sending her back to the country where she was held up by 4 gun men beaten and then raped. daughter who wals living with me illegally in the un sexallually assuit


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