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    As a child herself, Martenson had mostly been raised within stereotypical gender norms, such as being given pink belongings and dresses to wear. But in her late teens, she says she “discovered feminism” and began questioning gender norms. So, when she became a mother, she chose to buy her own child a wide range of clothes and gifts, ranging from trains to dolls, giving them free choice as to which they wanted to use on any given day.

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    I recently finished reading "Burnt Sugar: History of Slavic Feminism" by Anna Nenasheva, and I'd like to share my thoughts and reflections on feminism within the Slavic context.

    In the book, Nenasheva masterfully explores the history and evolution of feminism in Slavic countries, highlighting unique aspects of the movement that often go unnoticed in Western literature. She sheds light on the lives and contributions of prominent Slavic feminists while analyzing the socio-cultural and historical factors that shaped the Slavic women's movement.

    What struck me about this book is its depth of research and clear understanding of how Slavic feminism differs from its Western counterparts. Nenasheva adeptly demonstrates how historical events, cultural nuances, and societal norms influenced the formation and development of feminist ideas among the Slavic communities.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the history of feminism or looking to gain a deeper understanding of Slavic culture and social movements. It offers a valuable perspective on many issues frequently discussed in the context of global feminism but examines them from a unique Slavic viewpoint.


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