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Airline travel levies which would increase wit

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  • Airline travel levies which would increase wit

    Airline travel levies, which would increase with each additional flight the individual takes, are a "fair, feasible, and suitable" way to raise loss and damage funds, some researchers say. They could generate up to $5-10bn (£4-9bn) each year, be easily collected at international flight departures, and be channelled to vulnerable communities through international bodies like the Green Climate Fund, which was set up to help developing countries reduce their emissions and adapt to climate impacts.

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    Actually, it sounds like a good idea, but it seems we're fighting the consequence but not the cause here. We need either an airplane engine that would not release its fumes into the atmosphere or a decrease in the number of flights worldwide. If people were allowed to fly by business class only, there would be definitely less flights made per year. I don't think the problem here is about money. It's about society's awareness of the problem. More people should be aware of what it's happening to the climate. What do you think, guys?
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      Consolidation of corporate travel arrangements by fewer agencies has been a growing trend since 1982. Nearly three out of four companies now make travel plans for their business locations เว็บบอลufa through a single agency as opposed to 51 percent in 1988. Two major benefits of agency consolidation are the facilitation of accounting and T&E budgeting, as well as leverage in negotiating future travel discounts.


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