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ways to isolate buildings

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  • arsalansheikh
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  • BlueHorizon
    We occasionally install insulation behind indoor masonry fireplaces and understand the importance of using the correct R-value. Good write up. masonry repair durham nc

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    started a topic ways to isolate buildings

    ways to isolate buildings

    ways to isolate buildings
    The methods of building insulation vary according to the nature of the building, whether it is a house, a hospital, or a company. There is thermal insulation to protect against heat in the summer and cold in winter, and moisture insulation to protect the building from mold, and sound insulation to ensure comfort in a way that prevents noise from being heard outside, and we will mention in this The article is about each type.

    Moisture insulation methods
    Humidity results from fluctuations in the climatic situation in the winter in the absence of the sun, in addition to condensation, poor drainage, and the impact of leaking ground and surface waters, and negatively affects the building, leading to a short life and the emission of fetid odors from it, not to mention the growth of insects and mice and what follows from it Viruses and diseases make the building an unhealthy home for its members.

    With regard to the method of insulation, the purpose of insulation must be taken into account, whether for bathrooms, basements, upper ceilings, or floors, and the nature of the land on which the building is built, whether it is sandy, dry, rocky, or wet, and the nature of the surrounding climatic condition. Is the weather mild, or rainy , or hot, and there are moisture insulating materials, including:

    Flexible insulating materials: contribute to preventing moisture during a period ranging from three to five years, examples of which are metal plates including lead plates, copper, aluminum, galvanized iron, stainless steel, and bitumen made from the distillation of crude oil and a variety of Between oxidized bitumen or hardened bitumen, water-proofing fluid made of a mixture of paraffin and volatile oil, and finally polyethylene tarpaulin.
    Semi-rigid insulating materials: such as asphalt, including asphalt chips and asphalt rolls.

    Rigid insulating materials: such as cement whitewash, slate boards, asbestos boards, wooden chalk boards, plastic materials, glazed tiles of Greek, Roman, Spanish and plain types, and water-insulating additives resulting from mixing hydrated lime, acid fat, iron powder, or sica, cement and medsa materials. And buckets with concrete water to stop water permeability.

    Thermal insulation methods
    Thermal insulation materials in buildings are characterized by low thermal conductivity and high heat resistance, examples of which are the following:
    Granules or loose fibers poured into voids, or concrete blocks.

    Felt or blanket and also poured into the voids of walls or ceilings, provided that it is not prone to falling.
    Solid panels are placed on the facade, above the ceiling, or under the moisture-insulating layer.
    Dielectric reflectors.
    concrete blocks.
    Insulating blinds.
    hollow walls.

    sound insulation methods
    Sound is transmitted by mechanical waves and pressure waves, and it depends on the number of sound waves per second and the intensity of the sound. Buildings can be isolated by absorbing these waves in one of the following ways:

    Use of carpets and rugs in floors.
    Use doors and windows made of cork, polystyrene, or rock wool.
    Filling the space between the walls with cement, fabric, gypsum board, or wood panels.

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