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What is real estate?

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  • Amandosoll
    Now many owners want to get the maximum profit from their properties and it is not uncommon to simply rent them out. Large rooms can always be turned into self-storage, which can also be rented out later and receive a stable income

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  • Layyah1122
    Real Estate is a construction related business. Or buy and sell of plots, build homes, apartments, shops and housing colonies and sell it. Like Apartments for Sale Istanbul is a good example of the real estate business. If still you have any confusiopn tag me. Thanks

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  • Wease1
    Check the article How do I find a self-storage facility? Self-storage is essentially a clean, secure space located in a storage facility and used to store your belongings for any length of time. Most companies that provide storage units rent them monthly, so you only pay for the amount of time you need. Before you choose or talk to any company, you should prepare a checklist based on your storage needs. For example: do they provide security, insurance, climate control, and online payment options.

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    started a topic What is real estate?

    What is real estate?

    real estate
    Real estate is anything that has an immovable and immovable nature; Any permanent property that cannot be moved from one place to another, and examples of it are roads, annexes to buildings, fences, and houses, and the property is defined as everything that represents a stable and fixed asset in its location, which leads to its inability to move from one location to another without being damaged.

    How to buy real estate
    Many people are interested in buying real estate, whether for use in housing or work; Therefore, laws in all countries guarantee the right to own real estate for individuals, but in order for an individual to buy and own his own property, he must adhere to several tips, namely:

    Visit the real estate website and verify its suitability and suitability for use in housing, work or the special purpose of purchasing it.
    Obtaining a copy of the property ownership contract if it is owned by another person in order to ensure that the previous owner did not use it in any form of transfer of ownership, or if there are rights arising from it.

    Ensuring that the area, specifications, and information contained in the ownership contract match the shape and construction of the property in reality.

    Verify the eligibility of the seller or the person responsible for selling the property; In terms of owning the right to carry out the sale.
    Ensure that there is no other owner or buyer of the property.

    Verify that the property is free of rights resulting from the mortgage, rent or any other rights.

    Real estate types
    Real estate is classified according to two categories:

    Real estate in Islamic jurisprudence
    The types of real estate in Islamic jurisprudence are divided into the following sections:

    Buildings: All real estate that is used for housing or work, and includes a set of annexes, such as land and gardens.
    Lands, which include several types, including:
    Owned lands: It is the land owned by a person or group of people, and they have the right to dispose of it in the manner that suits them.

    The Kharajite land: It is the land that the Muslims conquered inside the foreign countries, and they imposed the tax on its people, and it also includes the lands left by its people and later became an Islamic endowment.

    Al-Mawat land: It is the land that no one owns, and it is not possible to benefit from it.
    Waqf lands, include two types:
    The land of the endowment is for the public good and the treasury of the Muslims.
    Endowed land through its owners.

    Real estate in modern systems
    Modern international systems have classified real estate into three types, namely:

    National properties are classified into two types:
    Public property: It is all real property that people use, whether directly such as public roads or public utilities such as airports or that provide public services such as courts and schools.

    Private national property: It is the property and real estate that has no owner and does not constitute an inheritance; That is, it has no heir, and it is not known who its owner is.

    Private property: It is the private property of a person and does not include the general public, and depends on the existence of absolute ownership of it; That is, to be owned by one person only, or a divided property owned by more than one owner, and each of them has a share in this ownership; Therefore, each owner should know his own share in it.

    Endowment properties are classified into two types:
    Public Endowment: It is the property belonging to charitable organizations or mosques.
    Private endowment: It is the property that has been imprisoned for specific individuals to whom it is valid to provide the endowment.

    Real estate according to its purpose: is to divide real estate based on the nature and quality of its use; Where each section depends on a specific jurisdiction, and these real estate include the following: agricultural real estate, industrial real estate, commercial real estate, residential real estate, space lands that have not been exploited, and recreational public real estate such as parks, and private real estate such as airports, seaports, hospitals, and schools .

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