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    rock types
    Rocks are formed, destroyed and transformed into different types of rocks within the so-called rock cycle, and the most prominent types of rocks are the following:

    Igneous rocks:
    They form when molten materials cool and solidify.
    Sedimentary rocks: They form when loose sediments fossilize as a result of geological processes that eroded and eroded rocks.
    Metamorphic rocks: They form when parent rocks of any type are exposed to heat and pressure.

    igneous rocks
    All igneous rocks were formed from the solidification of lava, molten fragments and aš either inside the ground or on the surface. The lava, molten fragments (lava) and aš from volcanoes are called superficial igneous rocks; Because they were formed from the freezing of magma on the surface of the earth, but some other igneous rocks such as granite were formed in the depths of the earth, and these rocks are called subducted igneous rocks because they were formed from freezing magma in the ground, and the following is an explanation of the two types of igneous rocks:

    Subducted igneous rocks: They form through the slow crystallization of magma, either several kilometers below the Earth's surface in the form of large, irregular plutons, or near the surface in fissures and fractures such as shallow, simple subductions in neo-cuts or sills.

    Surface igneous rocks, which are sometimes called igneous rocks, are formed when magma flows on the surface of the Earth or volcanic fragments are pushed either on land, as is the case in Hawaii, or under the sea, such as mid-ocean recesses, where differences in the composition of magma, its mineral pattern, and the temperature of its crystallization affect the way It flowed from the volcano.

    Sedimentary rocks
    Sedimentary rocks are made of materials that accumulate on the surface of the earth; As the products of weathering and erosion, and other materials such as organic materials, the process of deposition of these unconsolidated materials in the form of different rocks is called ossification, fusion of rocks or cement. Sedimentation is below the surface of the earth when sediments are buried, and appear on the surface by tectonic uplift or erosion of the materials that cover them.

    metamorphic rocks
    Metamorphic rocks are formed as a result of exposure of the original rock to heat and pressure, which leads to the formation of a completely new rock, where the original rock can be sedimentary, igneous, or even metamorphic rock, for example when the igneous granite rock is subjected to sufficient pressure, the metal plates move in the same direction in which the metal plates move in the same direction

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