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    PANDORA Pandora Bracelet means hope and luck. The name of Pandora Bracelet comes from Western mythology. In addition to the ugliness that escaped from the Pandora box, the rest is beauty and hope. In addition, Pandora bracelets are composed of beads by consumers, which can reflect consumers' personal preferences and styles. There are many kinds of Pandora bracelets, including silver chain series and leather chain series. Among them, the silver chain series is the most popular snake bone chain. Snake bone silver chain, the two protruding places on the top are used to fasten the pandora charms.

    There are heart-shaped, crystal-encrusted, and rose gold! You can also choose the bracelet style, which is divided into closed and open styles, and the other is the woven leather bracelet~! Here's a warm tip for girls who can't go to the store to try them on. The size of the bracelet is generally one to two centimeters larger than the size of the wrist, which is the distance of a thumb. The size of the bracelet is one centimeter more, which is the distance of the little finger. Such a bracelet or bracelet will not be too loose or too tight. Fixed charms, also known as fixed clips, are beads that can be buckled on a bracelet without moving. However, the clip is only suitable for bracelets with a fixed buckle, otherwise the clip will move around like a bead. Personally, I would recommend a pair of fixed beads, because it can hold the beads on one side. In this way, you can avoid raising your hand, and the beads will run down under their own weight because of their own weight. Fairies love to buy Pandora because they can match them with beads and charms. A Christmas series for Christmas, a cherry blossom series in spring, and an alphabet constellation. The safety chain, as the name suggests, is to prevent the beads from falling out when the main buckle is opened. Generally, it will be buckled on the spiral pattern fixed buckle on both sides of the main buckle. In fact, the main buckle of Pandora is still very tight, so many people buy this safety chain not for safety, but for beauty. Whether buying in store or online.

    The first step is to set a theme and choose beads, and the second step is to arrange the beads. When I was buying bracelets, I actually looked at the collocations of many bloggers and found that there are two types of good-looking themes - one is the same series, and the other is the same color.
    Bracelets of the same series are actually relatively easy to match, because merchants have already taken into account the matching problem when launching a series of products.
    This winter's new products are beautiful! It should be noted that the beads should not be too many. Too many beads in the same series will make the bracelet seem pointless and easy to look too vulgar. The solution is to match beads of different materials and styles, or match a simple charm or bead between one or two beads of the same series!
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