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  • The Best Spot Treatment For Acne

    What is the best spot treatment for acne? Well that depends on a number of things. Is your acne primarily white heads or black heads? Do you have surface acne? Is the acne more deeply inside your skin? Is the acne more like an internal cyst or is it more of a surface blemish? Are dealing with a spot or does the acne consist more of patchy area of acne? Is it before bedtime, or early in the morning? Are you going to put makeup on after your acne treatment? Do you have sensitive skin? How about acne scarring? Is your skin normally oily or dry?

    In determining the best spot treatment for acne, you need to consider all of the above things. Ok, now let's look at teenage and adult acne from a different point of view. Acne is created when a pore gets clogged up with excess oil, dirt, dead cells, etc. You get the white heads and black heads with a little bit of swelling, or just simply and little red swollen blemish area. With no place to go, this gunk plugs up the pore, and may become infected. This infection then reddens the area more and becomes larger and more noticeable. You may even get a more deep rooted infected area called an acne cyst. Now you have a temptation to squeeze the zit with a satisfying pop, but now you may have introduced more bacteria to the area, and pushed more gunk deeper inside your skin. Gross! You have a hot date the next day or big function, but there is a big zit right on your forehead. Aaaaaaah! Chrysis time!

    Quick - I need the best สิวผด treatment for acne. Like I said, it is not that simple. There are a few more things you need to know about acne, acne treatment. First of all, you need to wash your face at least two times a day, to remove any excess oil. There are some products that will also help to remove this excess oil, including benzoyl peroxide, Salicylic acid, resorcinol, and some sulfur containing products. In various ways and degrees these products help to dry your skin of oils, kill bacteria, and exfoliate some of the affected areas. In order of strength, benzoyl peroxide is considered the strongest and is used to treat the deepest acne. Benzoyl peroxide also tends to dry your skin more, which may result in dryer patchy area that has been treated. Salicylic acid is considered as not as strong as benzoyl peroxide and may be better for people with more sensitive skin. The sulfur products are a good match for more of the lighter surface blemishes, and are better for sensitive skin. This includes the most common acne skin care products on the market.

    The best spot treatment of acne in the less conventional category, you will hear about Tea Tree Oil. The main benefit of Tea Tree Oil is there are fewer side effects than using benzoyl peroxide, such as excessive skin drying, itchiness, etc. Tea Tree Oil works by killing the bacteria in the acne. The best acne treatment with Tea Tree Oil is to first wash your face or use an astringent like Witch Hazel to clean your face and remove excess oil. Now apply the Tea Tree Oil to kill the bacteria on the skin and in the pores.

    Can I eat chocolate and without causing more acne? The answer is a qualified yes!!! The main point is to reduce the amount of refined sugars you are taking in, as well as eating food with a lower glycemic index. Foods high in refined sugar, as well as too many dairy products may increase the likelihood of getting acne.

    Do I need to get a prescription medicine for treating acne, or will an over the counter medication work for me? Try the over-the-counter medications first, along with a good face cleaning practices. You can use an astringent for cleaning your skin and removing oils. You may also consider a periodic use of a defoliant to remove old dead skin. Some exfoliates use a chemical process, some with a salt or sugar base work by abrasion. I hate to call it liquid sandpaper, but use of some exfoliates is more of a mechanical action than chemical. Some men have less acne due to daily shaving of their skin. No ladies, you don't have to start shaving! Along with this skin cleaning and oil removal, use a product to kill the bacteria. Start with Tea Tree Oil, since it is mild, before using something stronger. This is a good catch-all anti-acne practice.

    Ok, I still have that one big zit I need to remove of cover-up before tomorrow. What is the best spot treatment for acne? The best spot treatment for acne is what works best for you. This is the reality here. Below, I will list in no particular order a variety of acne treatment products. Based on the information above, you can learn more about these products and make an intelligent decision about what will work best for you.
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