Is there anyone who does not love drama and entertainment? Of course not! It is practically impossible to find such a person even if one looks all over the world.

Each individual loves watching a movie or a TV series or show. It may be to relax in their leisure time or to relieve stress. But even in this enjoyment, preferences matter a lot. Some people like old-school drama, while others may favor action or musicals. As such, it becomes arduous for a group of people, having different penchants, to select a single series and watch it together.

Well, in such cases, Chinese TV series mitigate the situation. Providing both quality and quantity, Chinese dramas or C-dramas offer an assorted variety and magnitude of series. And the best part of it all is that they are suitable for almost all age groups.


Chinese TV series encompasses a mammoth number of genres that are available in the entertainment market. A few of those include:

Slice of life
Science Fiction
In most cases, Chinese dramas cover more than one or two genres to portray a single story. In such cases, clubbing of the categories together comes to pass. When a series joins and uses two genres together, they develop into groupings like the following:

Western Thriller
Historical Romance
Sports Documentary
Fantasy Romance
Science Fiction-Suspense
Historical War
Romance Comedy
Slice of life-Comedy
Western Horror
Fantasy Thriller

By the grace and blessings of the internet, any person in any corner of the world can access Chinese drama. That too, of any kind! Through the online platform, several websites provide interested viewers with these dramas free of any cost.

The only two rudimentary requirements that one has to procure are:

Appropriate software and hardware of the device that would support the online streaming of the dramas
A steady internet connection to load and watch them virtually
These websites offer several benefits. They include:

Language settings: The sites allow their viewers to change the language of the subtitles and the audio. Hence, the users can set the drama to the subbed or dubbed version as they like.
Playback speed: One may consider the dialogues of the drama to be too fast for them to follow or too slow for them to enjoy. In those cases, they have the option to adjust the playback speed to what suits them.
Rewind and Forward: Nobody enjoys watching the opening and ending songs or the precap and recap on a repetitive basis. Thus, the rewind and forward options assist individuals in skipping over those parts in a precise fashion.
Subtitle size: The viewers may feel that the caption size is not up to their fancy. It may be too big, overlapping with the essential scenes of the drama, or too small to discern the words. Therefore, the websites provide the choice of altering the size of the subtitles.
A few websites that offer high-quality Chinese dramas include:

Fall Drama
Viki Rakuten
Asian Crush
Newasian TV
Additionally, YouTube also offers a majority of all available C-dramas, if not all. Even though a few may be unavailable, it does provide the famous ones of superior quality and with appropriately translated subtitles.