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  • question to sammy

    "He can divorce his wife in Las Vegas in one day. "

    i saw this in one of your posts is it true

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    "He can divorce his wife in Las Vegas in one day. "

    i saw this in one of your posts is it true


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      check this out.. its pretty quick

      Simple Divorces are obtained through a Nevada Tribal Court, the only Court in the U.S., which currently grants divorces to non-residents. Federal statutes and case law, and individual state statutes and case law, shows that a Simple Divorce is valid and legal under the principle of comity.

      Comity is a necessary outgrowth of our growing international system of politically and socioeconomically independent nation states. In simple terms, comity is "the recognition that one nation allows within its territory the legislative, executive, or judicial acts of another, having due regard both to international duty and convenience and to the rights of its own citizens or others protected by its laws." 16 Am.jur.2d, Conflict of Laws, sec. 10, p. 27-29; Bank v. Park, 321 N.W.2d 831 (Mich.App. 1982) 834; West''s Courts Key No. 52, Nichols, 9 Fam.Advoc. No. 4 (Spring 1987), p. 9.

      Requirements for a Simple Divorce
      Both parties must agree to sign a Joint Petition for Divorce.
      Both parties must agree and understand that the Court does not take jurisdiction over issues of children and/or property.
      Both parties must agree that if there are issues of children and/or property, that such issues have been handled in a separation agreement between the parties in the state where they reside.
      If you have property to divide, or have children together, and/or do not feel that a Simple Divorce is right for you, consider either a regular Nevada Divorce or a Dominican Republic Divorce.
      The state where your marriage took place does not matter as far as jurisdiction over the divorce is concerned.
      -- Your Simple Divorce can be finalized in as little as 10 days!

      State case law in all states where foreign divorces are considered valid, so far shows that one of the parties to the divorce must have appeared to fully validate the divorce. If you choose to move forward with this divorce without an appearance by either of you, simply be aware that there complications could arise should the divorce ever be questioned in a court of law. The parties who would question the divorce are you, your current spouse, or any future spouse. Parties usually question the validity of a divorce over issues of children and/or property. In the vast majority of cases, it will never matter; there may never be any party or government agency to question the validity of the divorce. Also, when a party has participated in a divorce (signed the documents), that party will generally not be heard (in legal terms, will be "estopped") to complain that the divorce is invalid.

      And of course you have to make sure that the state you live in will accept the simple nevada divorce as a valid document in your state.


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        Yes akpcat, it's true. 4Now explained it well. We have a friend who had married an USC had kids too with her, allwhile he got his papers and then--well he convinced her to go to vegas got divorced and went to his home country and got married to a 'young pretty girl from his country'-his words.When i passed thru vegas in my last trip I could'nt help but shudder from the thought of it. I guess, it could be a blessing for some one in need.... The one thing i know is that it is not the tech or the instrument which is good/bad but what one does with one uses it. Destructively or Constructively?

        Bless you


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          Just wanted to ask for curiosity.... Does BCIS consider "Vegas" divorces valid ?


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            4now and anita...
            God bless


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              Pasha. I dont have any statistics on what BCIS accepts on these. One of the most important factors is if the state you live in recognizes the divorce as valid. remember both parties are agreeing to this divorce so there is no dispute. The regular Nevada Divorce I believe has a 30 day resident requirement. People have been getting around this one for years using somebodys address out there. One of the parties has to make a court appearance however. Its a "3 day vacation" and u know to go to Vegas is cheap. then Voila... its done.

              The problems with BCIS sometime arise in the case of the "Dominican Divorce" . you can do this one in 1 or 2 days. Lots of time without the other spouses consent. Then the other spouse who didnt want divorce will challenge validity here for purpose of BCIS

              I saw Matrix 3 the revolution the other nite. it was great. Wouldnt it great if everyone could just pop in the matrix and fix their lives lol. have a good day Pasha.


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                Thank you 4now. Pasha


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                  cool 4now,
                  I am going to see Matrix 3 tomorrow with my wife....Yep !!! I have been popping in Matrix for long...wish me luck...!!! Pasha


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                    Warning: this is not an immigration question

                    Do you necessarily need to see Matrix 1 or 2 prior to seeing 3?


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                      Hi Still Learning,
                      How are you? Truthfully When I saw Matrix 1, I couldnt understand much of the movie, but when I saw Matrix 2 ... lot of images and points got I guess its better if you see at least Matrix 2 before going for Matrix 3...I liked 2 better than 1....Have a good night...Pasha


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