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why are the ignorant american scapegoating immigrants

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    Well said, Linda.


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      Thanks again Linda.


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        The followings are the bitter facts:

        a. America is great in many respects: most of the great things of earth are here. The marvel of modern science and technology are many times the contribution of America to the world: for example, many contagious epidemic kind of diseases are controllable now.

        b. America is the meanest: most of the worst things are caused by America: nuclear bomb, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam war, Korean War .. vetoing in UN for Israel's support and encouraging Israel to attack Arabs, assassination of foreign leaders, killings of millions of Iraqui children through deplorable sanctions on.
        c. American people should not be held responsible for all of these bad things. People are innocent and misled many times by many people in many places.
        d. INS sent visa to the henious terrorist after he is dead. This is a typical proof of how dysfunctional american system government can be despite its efficiency many times.
        Thousands and millions of immigrants are being victimized by the INS. But American people did not care at all how it is working. Now, slightly it is condemned, but that is too dismal.

        e. Raising problems of immigrants do not bring votes. So, it is outside the domain of politcs. It is left to the INS bureaucrats.
        f. A foreign student can bring his wife but a permanent resident has to wait for about 5 years. Look ! American immgigration system is not working at all.
        g. A diversity visa winner (most of whom are too weak to adjust in this society) are given visas but permanent residents family cannot come, and people who were raised here for many many years are deported, but real asylum seekers are sent and put in the mouth of death.

        Many things are to tell. But this much for now.

        However, we should not forget the fact that America is the best country (may next best to Canada) for immigrants to live becasue of the tolerance, generosity and niceness of the general American people who are so loving!


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          ON the contribution side:
          a. Gay/lesbian culture
          b. child sex culture
          c. daughter sex culture
          d. pronography all over the internet culture
          e. cheating wives culture
          f. divorce culture
          g. gun culture
          h. video games and crime culture
          i. might is right culture


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            As I've been reading this thread, I really do feel for people like "Alien". He was brought to this country not by his own well, but by his parents, when he was very young, obviously out of his parents' necessity. No one would want to leave his/her country if he/she doesn't have too. He was brought up to be an American, but ironically he cannot be one. Since he was a child, he never experienced how it's like to live a "normal" life. The country that he grew up in and called "home" doesn't welcome him. He is angry because he is a hard working person whom will benefit the country, but this country is not giving him a chance. Instead, it welcomes many uneducated, unskilled, and, sometimes, dangerous people in every year. And all because of what people in "high court" judged as right and put it on paper. Will this change? Most likely not.

            For those of you who think that illegal immigrants are here trying to take advantage of this country and live off tax payers. Take a moment to fomulate a little thought in your often unused brain. They are not eligible for anything from the government. They must pay for everything to live their lives - often with a very low paying jobs. They have no health insurance and they have to pay in full if they need health assistance. How the hell are they living off tax payers' money???

            Now imagine those red blooded Americans who don't do jack with their lives; never get educated and just goffed around; get on the wellfare; and constantly asking for public assistance in this great land of opportunities and resources. That's where your tax money went.


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              I don't know where you've been, but we American taxpayers have been screaming for welfare reform for years. We finally got it. No more generations of welfare recipients. Time limits are in place. Tightened rules move recipients from welfare to work by pre-set dates. Millions have been cut off the welfare rolls and sent to jobs, even if only in fast food.

              Secondly, this country does NOT WELCOME uneducated, unskilled, and dangerous people through our immigration system. These are exactly the illegal immigrants who cross our borders because they cannot pass through legally and they know they would be DENIED entry. (To enter LEGALLY, an immigrant must face a BACKGROUND CHECK, by the way.)

              As far as health assistance, you must not know that hospitals are CLOSING all across America BECAUSE illegal aliens are treated for FREE in numbers which are causing hospitals to go BANKRUPT. Where do you get the idea that they "have to pay in full"??

              What America has done is finally reformed the welfare funds which taxpayers pay, while illegal aliens (who are not even citizens) have caused more damage to our healthcare system than any welfare recipient ever could.

              For your information (and YOUR unused brain), here is the way it works:

              Insured patient: (1) Insurance pays (patient often pays co-pay portion of premium), (2) Patient pays any unpaid portion of bill, (3) Patient either sets up installment payments via hospital OR withdraws funds from savings or other means to complete payment to hospital. HOSPITAL LOSES NO MONEY, IS PAID IN FULL.

              Welfare patient: (1) Welfare funds pay (patient pays no co-pay premium and no portion of the bill), (2) Hospital "reduces" bill to meet set amounts paid by welfare. HOSPITAL LOSES NO MONEY, IS PAID IN FULL - BUT AT REDUCED WELFARE RATES. (3) Hospital can offset reduced rate(s) by increasing costs of fundamental services (i.e., diagnostic x-rays, etc.) from time to time (to be borne generally by insured patients).

              Illegal alien: (1) Indigent care or charity funds pay small portion of bill, (2) Illegal alien pays no portion of the bill, (3) Welfare funds pay no portion of bill. HOSPITAL CANNOT RECOUP HIGH LOSSES.

              Illegal alien child: (1) Illegal alien patient has child born at American hospital, (2) Illegal alien pays no portion of bill, (3) Child is a citizen and entitled to countless child welfare services.

              Now imagine the countless welfare services and programs which a child born to illegal immigrants receives. FREE FORMULA AND EVERY CONCEIVABLE NECESSARY ITEM FOR THE CARE OF A BABY. FREE FOOD STAMPS. FREE IMMUNIZATIONS. FREE SCHOOL LUNCHES/SCHOOL LUNCHES/BREAKFASTS AT SCHOOL.

              This is a SHORT LIST but what does it mean?.....

              A PERPETUATION of the "welfare system" which American taxpayers have fought so hard and so long to reduce if not eliminate!!!!!!


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                You have just put in clear concise form what I have been rambling on about on other threads,but never could seem to get the point accross. I am thinking of sending your post to a newspaper here in LA.,because it tells the truth about the things groups like LA RAZA and others have been putting out for years. They always trot out that old "they pay taxes and don't get anything back in return"line of cr_p.Even the ones with tax ID's have too many kids to have to pay anything.And many of the ones who use the "earned income tax credit " when they file their taxes get a REFUND. Of course when we try and point out these things ,you are acused of being "anti_immigrant".They closed 6 hospitals last month, and they are closing 12 more this month. All went bankrupt caring for illegals. There were 65,000 immigrant babys born in LA county Hospital's last year at an average cost of $12,000 per baby. Not ONE DIME was paid by the immigrants. And then give them the information (IN SPANISH) about how to apply for WIC and foodstamps and free insurance for the baby befor they even leave the hospital. They have turned Southern Ca. into a dirty gang infested third world country. And they are spreading out . We have got to put the ARMY on the border ASAP.,We need to stop ALL immigration until we get this under control.


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                  Good Morning Janiss!


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                    To Janiss......

                    Not to worry, because these babies being born are Americans, and will probably grow up talking just like you!

                    It's a vicious cycle and unfortunately one that we all live in. Cheer Up! Don't take everything to heart, that is, if you want God to forgive you in the day of judgement. Because guess what, he'll not care where you come from, ha ha.


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                      I'm not worried about anything thank you. I have decieded that people are FINALLY STARTING TO WAKE UP and become concerned about what is happening in this country. I think it has been all the news about the hospitals going broke caring for illegals that finally is getting people mad. Plus the Republician party is in charge and they will be willing to put the army on the borders if need be. So I am getting groups together to start making ourselves heard by our congress people.If so many people on THIS SITE can see the points that I and others have been trying to make ,then there is hope to take our country back.The truth is finally being spread instead of all that racist crap that groups like LA RAZA put out. They say they promote "Hispanic" intrests. Well maybe they should do that in Mexico. Here they should promote American intrests.


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                        No, No, NO. I am an American and I am not worried in the least bit.

                        Know why, my parents are West Indians, I am American. They came here illegal (for a better life). They did not come here to you or your friends, they did not beg anyone. So quit saying "we" and "our" and "my". Racist!


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                          I'll be happy to supply the names and addresses of the hospitals in question. I'm acquainted with the members of the board (of one) which reviews "the books" on a monthly basis. They also keep minutes of their meetings, but I don't know if they would make them available to the press.

                          Other closing hospitals can be found, of course, nearer the border, and they've petitioned the government for financial aid. So far, the aid has been denied but they are still "told" to extend services to illegal aliens and bear the cost or close their doors.


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                            I've never seen a website filled with so much hatred toward the USA and her laws. I'm just curious to know why all you illegal aliens want to stay, after you find out that living in the USA is not quite the piece of cake you dreamed it would be.

                            The poorest farmer in the U.S. state of Arkansas can't go to the beautiful city of Cancun, Mexico, pitch his tent on the beach, and say, "I like it here better, so I think I'll park myself, and if I'm caught, I'll just scream I HATE YOU." Sure. That would get him lots of hugs.


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