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    This is the company that supports scam sellers and caters for them. Purchased a product from a fraudulent company on their website. Addressed this to eBay but they didn't do anything to help. The seller keeps using all delaying techniques just to avoid the refund. The eBay is turning a blind eye on it. A real nightmare to get your money back.

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    eBay are absolute rubbish. I have been with them since 2008, but am totally winding down because of their policies and (above all) their attitude. I have had 100% positive feedback since 2008, with the exception of ONE neutral feedback left by an idiot who purchased something that was "Collection Only" because it was too large to send, then he gave me the neutral feedback as if it was my fault! I expected this unjustified feedback to "drop off" after 12 months, as it is supposed to do, but it is now well over 12 months and I have contacted Customer Services to request that it be removed, and the Agent was just not interested and refused to remove it, so it's there for eternity, it seems. They really are crap, and it's no wonder that more and more people are moving away from selling on eBay. I would give them zero stars if that was an available option! Due to the fact that I read this review here on eBay issues, I decided not to do business with this company!


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