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  • Washing your truck

    Can you or would you like to wash "your" truck, I say this, being a day driver, and I usually have one truck, or is it overkill. I'm proud of my work, and it seems like I'm the only one in my fleet who does it, keep in mind, I wash it when I have time, never do it on a day off or on a day off.
    I grew up visiting truck shows and dreaming of a Scania 164 cap like Scandinavian trucks, am I crazy or is there anyone who can figure it out?

    I just felt a little uneasy when I got a strange look when I rolled back into the yard.

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    Yes, I'll wash the truck at the end of my shift. The only exceptions may be non-working hours.


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      I do a though washing of the truck at least once a month or more often. It depends on the area I am driving through because sometimes I have to drive through a desert with enormous amounts of dust. This is when I clean the truck at the end of the shift because I don’t want it to be too dirty the next day. Once a month, I go to a professional truck washing spot and get it thoroughly washed inside and outside. I think that it is enough to keep it clean and nice-looking. It also helps to prevent rusty and rotting parts of the automobile.


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        I don't know you or the facts well enough to say, but it sounds like you loved your spouse and they had a different agenda (given your comments about spending, it sounds like an unfortunately materialistic agenda). That's what I meant by saying you got a "raw deal"; that you were treated poorly and unfairly.


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