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  • #31
    Honestly 4now, I'm surprised I don't annoy peeps with all my posting.

    We really need a chat room, don't cha think?
    Sweet Madame Belu


    • #32
      4now ....

      u r really funny...i m really happy i met you on this board...i wish i could meet you once in person.....u have a great sense of humor.....i hope our dear friend swiss dont get offended this was just for fun and nothing we all know we love and respect swiss a lot.....

      [This message was edited by Pasha Patel on December 29, 2003 at 05:15 PM.]


      • #33
        Hey irritated...

        i liked your previous avatar a lot....that was something cool .....Pasha


        • #34
          Change it back, that's Still Learning's avatar, change it back before I STEAL it!!
          Sweet Madame Belu


          • #35
            All right, all right -- back to my grumpy self then (since you insist!)

            Bah Humbug


            • #36
              Thanks irritated...!!! you know ... you are just so cool with this avatar....Pasha


              • #37

                Cool thanks and hopefully someday we all can meet. We'll go to Swiss's coffe shop


                Maybe they are scared of you that you would kick their butts! And you would

                Do you think irritated is hinting to us that Still is the friend that brought him here??????Naw ... couldnt be


                • #38
                  I couldn't fight my way out of a wet paper bag!
                  Sweet Madame Belu


                  • #39
                    Hey guys...
                    I'm having a coffee and cheese nite for Sammy..all are welcome....and by the way, don't be shy...I don't bite


                    • #40
                      Hey guys...
                      I'm having a coffee and cheese nite for Sammy..all are welcome....and by the way, don't be shy...I don't bite


                      • #41
                        I got something for SAMMY too! A bop on the head!
                        Sweet Madame Belu


                        • #42
                          Now I know why I missed you guys so much during our vacations. hahaha

                          You guys are awesome and definitively I agree with Pasha I wish I could meet 4know, he just got a great sense of humor....but about meeting in Mrs. Swiss Cafe.....jsss I don't know.....Ok I'm just kidding please don't hit me Swiss...

                          Happy holidays to everybody!!!


                          • #43
                            Yoly, I said ...all are Welcome... but ya better watch ur Peas and Q's or I'll [i] flog[i] you with my [b] Proboscus[b]!!!


                            • #44
                              Hey Yoly and Wayne.

                              Was wondering where you guys were. How was the vacation. Where/what do tell

                              Im glad ur back and just in time for all the fun. Swiss is having a party for Sammy. Pasha is having the "after party" in his hotel lobby, and We'll all be drinking til 6 in the morning. Dont worry about Swiss, We will give her a "Steamy hot cup a Tea" to keep her occupied it should be quite a Fiasco.. oops I mean Fiesta.. dont u think

                              P.S. Oh I almost forgot the best part.. Entertainment will be provided by:
                              Michael "I cant get no Respect" Dangerfield.
                              Yep, u guessed it.. . cousin to Rodney. But Im not sure as of now if he can make it or not b/c last I heard he was tied up by a couple "class" action lawsuits(well actually the entire world would probably be more accurate) Also I heard he just finished his latest film...

                              "The Grint that stole Christmas" It didnt do well in the theater here last week

                              Thats it 4now.


                              • #45
                                You're all invited to a CHEESY get together at my coffee shop.

                                Now, who's coming?

                                Bring your coffee drinking pals cuz I've got FIRST DIBS on "steamy"


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