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    Here's another consideration. One of the bona fide marriage proofs is evidence of trips and travel together. Well my husband has taken 2 trips to Europe with his Mistress in the past two years and NONE with his wife. Also two-trips away for the weekends with his Mistress and NONE with his wife. Do you think that BCIS would find that peculiar?


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      If they are having s e x, living together, and have a certified marriage certificate, than they are married. Please don't take this the wrong way, because I have sincere respect for you and understand that you were very deeply wounded by your ex, but I believe that you are dwelling on the "marriage fraud" thing too much. It is not the BCIS' job to determine how healthy a marriage is, just if it's really a marriage.

      I hope you are not offended by my remarks. I don't mean to criticize you. I hope that you have family or friends around to spend the Holiday with.
      Have a nice day


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        Hey guys ..

        BCIS is not some kind of super super agency that will go that deep into marriages .... Probably officers working at BCIS don't go that deep in their own marriage ........just kidding.......but they just don't go that far unless there is strong evidence or presumption of fraud .......... Take care ........PAsha


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          As far as Intent of Bonafide marriage is concerned, then let me tell all of you-there is no any sliver bullet to find out what is it in the mind of a person. Because a person can still pull out everythin by playing all the right cards, and can get away with cleaned-hand even if s/he had fraud intent from beginning. I am here now forced to give the update on a case that I posted here 7-8 months ago. This case was about a girl of 16 yrs old, who got married with 88 yrs old men. Under that country's laws, they were allowed to get married even if she was only 16 yrs old. She was remained married with this person, who did not apply for any residency for her until she became 19 yrs old, because her USC-husband used to live in abroad at her country. But when she applied for permanent residency, she was given a very Hard time by US Consulate because they firmly believed that she married for green card only. Somehow they did give her immigrant visa, but when she arrived here, INS detained her at port of entry and placed her on deportation on the charges that she committed fraud by marrying for immigration benefit. I was doing my internship that time with a reputed law firm. Her case came to us. We represented her during deportation proceedings. No body believed her marriage, not even judge. But the only way we could have able to get her residency because she got three children with this 88 yrs old man. She was ordered to have DNA to find out whether this 88 old man was indeed the father of her children or not. And believe it or not, he was. I can remember judge saying to her that in his entire profession he has never seen this kind of case before. However, she was granted the permanent residency eventually.

          A year later, her husband died. She is now 22 yrs old and dating the grandson of her husband, who is 56 yrs old. She even have two step-daughters [the real daughters of her late husband], who are 74 yrs old. This girl is very beautiful like a Model and lives in NJ. I was never able to find out why she married to so old man until now, especially when this guy had nothing at all. As well, she also told me that her own father was only 39 yrs old when she married her husband [88 yrs old]. We are very good friend. She invited me on Christmas party 3 days ago, wherein I was able to find out the truth. The truth that she just told me is- She married this guy for only green card. This guy was her grandfather's brother [so he was same as grandfather], and offered her help to come to America thru marriage on paper only. But the day when they got married, he demaned s-e-x from her. She told him that he was her granpa's age and related to her, and they were just married for green card because he offered his help to her, but he did not listen and raped her the first night they got married. He was so big and she was little 16 yrs old girl. She could not be able to make any complaint about it because they were married in the eyes of laws and society. Everytime when she refused to sleep with him, he beated her and put her in hell, so she had no choice just to give in. That's how she gave birth to those 3 children. He told her initially that he already filed papers for her, but actually he never filed anything. Later on, when she found out about this, then she made him to do that.

          So, you see- she got away with green card even though she had fraud intent from beginning. I cannot report this thing to govt because I don't have any proofs to support what she has told me now. It's just her words against mine only, and HEARSAY can not be used in Criminal case. But, I did tell her one thing though that if her husband demanded s-e-x from her the first night, then she should have run away from him and should have filed divorce. But I could not believe what she told me. She said- green card was more important to her because she was very poor and America was the only place she could have thought to improve her life. I just don't know what is the wrong with these young girls, who are dying to come here even though they are ready to give them up to these older, grumpy and pervert guys. I am aware of so many cases wherein these younger girls got married with so older guys like 65-75 old men just to come here. I would never justify their action no matter how compelling their reasons are. Self respect and dignity are more important to me than comprosing with anything else like this nature. If I were happen to be a girl from another country, I still won't sell myself like this, no matter what. But, I guess, different people and different mentality.


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            Merry Christmas! I am not focusing on the marriage fraud at all...I am just debating points. You say that living together and s-e-x proves the legitimacy of a marriage - I say that is not proof at all. In some cases, as in the one Sammy just reported - living together and s-e-x occured, but it was clearly a "sham marriage".

            All I wish for the members here to understand is that the whole process is not as "black and white" as it appears. Perhaps this is benficial to some and not to others.

            How the standard list of evidence of bona fides of marriage are interpretted has everything to do with prevailing circumstances, how the evidence relates to other evidence and the testimony which accompanies it.


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              Sammy; It IS normal to have s-e-x on a wedding night so why should she have run away ? Refusal to have s-e-x is grounds for divorce.

              The fact she married his grandson shows she digs older guys.

              This guy was 88 and he married a 16 year old and fathered 3 children ? This guy is my hero.


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                I guess what makes marriage real could be debated infinitely. I come to this board all of the time and I have read a lot of your posts. It makes me sad to read your posts, because it is obvious that you are deeply hurting. It seems like you spend an unhealthy amount of time contemplating your husband's motives and immigration status, etc. I can only imagine how hurt and upset I would be if I ever found myself in a situation like yours, but I think it might do you some good to take a little "vacation" from this board. Maybe it is imposible to stop thinking about your husband, but just keeping away from this website for a week or so might help a little bit. Maybe it is not my place to tell you something like that, but I am, because I would want someone to tell me.
                Happy New Year
                Have a nice day


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                  I already suggested that. All it did was cause her to post even more messages. Apparently, this is her therapy???


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                    Once again, perhaps this might be therapy for me...but I am wondering what you gain from this board?


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                      You are doing well today. I think I've only seen 3 messages so far. Congratulations.


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                        Check out my poll about ILW. I cast the first vote by the way.
                        Sweet Madame Belu


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                          As for you question, I was first brought on to this site because of a friend (and a well known poster I might add but he / she doesn't want me to reveal who it is because some of his / her friends have been the subject of some of my posts) who wanted to know the difference between "advice" and "advise" and he / she pointed me to this site. Then, because of my interest in immigration law, I have stuck around.


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                            Swissnut Post Police

                            how many over the speed, uh I mean post limit before ticket is issued


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                                Officer Irritated here.

                                Breaker breaker. All points bulletin. Swissnut may now resume posting.

                                It's no fun without her.


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