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Essential Tips to Teach Yourself Drums

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  • Essential Tips to Teach Yourself Drums

    There are many instructional videos and books that you can get your hands on. He can learn the basics of drumming in the space of a few weeks. He may start out playing simple songs and then progress further and further as he goes.

    Drums are a really rewarding instrument, and drummers are often in demand. It is quite difficult to find good drummers. If you think you are interested in playing the drums, read on!

    1. Start a practice routine

    Learning to play an instrument is all about practice. The first thing you need to do is establish where, when and how you are going to practice drumming.

    If you don't have a place to practice, then you won't be able to maintain the discipline and routine that is required to learn any musical instrument.

    First, get drumsticks and hi-hats for drums as well as practice pad, an electronic drum kit, or an acoustic drum kit. If possible, you should have something you can practice on.

    Alternatively, if you don't have any of these, or your drum pad or set may take a few days or weeks to arrive, then that's fine.

    2. Learn basic drum rhythms

    Check out some great drum tutorials for beginners and get a book on the topic of drumming. You need to figure out the basics of how to:

    • Put your drum set together

    • Sit correctly behind your drums (very important for the health of your back)

    • Hold your drumsticks correctly

    • Fundamentals of timekeeping

    3. Learn battery fills

    Drum fills are the next building block for drumming. A regular drum beat will make up the majority of your song. Drum fills often go off the beat to do something interesting.

    It often includes a tom roll, cymbal crashes, or just a change in rhythm that will add a bit to the beat.

    4. Get a metronome to stay in time

    Metronomes may seem super boring, but they are one of the most important tools for a drummer. There are many good metronome apps for drummers. If not, you can get a stand-alone metronome for drummers.

    Time in music is measured as BPM (beats per minute). Practice playing your regular and fill-in drum beats with a metronome. If you feel like you're out of control with the beat, slow down the BPM.

    5. Learn the basics of percussion notation

    This may sound very boring at first, but an essential element of being a drummer is knowing how to read drum sheet music. Most experienced drummers know at least the basics of drum notation.

    Once you know the basics with steel tongue drum guide, you can choose a drum sheet and start playing it. Once you've mastered the basics of drumming, it's definitely worth getting a good drum book.

    7. Protect your hearing

    You must protect your hearing. ALWAYS wear earplugs or in-ear drum monitors when behind your drum kit. If you don't, you may have permanent ringing in your ears within a few years or even permanent hearing damage.


    Playing a musical instrument can be challenging. With a little dedication and interest, keep going and you will eventually get there.

    If you keep trying, you'll look back in a few weeks and be very proud of how far you've come with your percussion.

    Go for the small wins early on. Learn some basic rhythms, fills and songs. Master them well, and then move forward and up.

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    Totally agree. Drums are mathematical) Paradiddle-diddle-diddle!


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