The question of whether Fildena Pills is best for a couple of relationship is often a common one. Many couples start off happily before marriage and are happily married for five or more years. However, there is a time when a partner starts complaining to a doctor about sex problems, stress, and health problems. Whether he is experiencing erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, a man can never completely justify his relationship. Fortunately, Fildena 100 Tablets may be the solution to such problems.
Fildena is a brand name of sildenafil citrate tablets that is available in varying strengths. The market price of Fildena is $0.69 in the US. The medication is characterized as a PDE-5 drug, and works by deactivating an enzyme called PDE5. This enzyme is responsible for increasing blood flow to the ***** and causing an erection in males.
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