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  • how to become a video editor

    Video editing is a process of manipulating and rearranging video shots to create a new work. It can be used to correct mistakes, improve the flow of a story, or simply make a video more aesthetically pleasing. Most video editors use specialized computer software, such as Adobe Premiere, to create their videos. However, with the right tools and right video editing courses, anyone can become a video editor.

    The first step to becoming a video editor is to learn the basics of the editing software you will be using. Many software programs have tutorials or “getting started” guides that can help you get familiar with the interface and the various features. Once you know the basics, it’s time to start putting together your first video.

    Start by gathering all of the video footage you will be using. This can be footage you have shot yourself, or footage from other sources. Once you have all of your footage, import it into your editing software.

    Now it’s time to start putting your video together. Begin by putting your footage into the timeline in the order you want it to appear. Then start trimming shots so they are the right length, and adding transitions between shots. As you edit, keep an eye on the overall flow of the story, and make sure each shot supports the story you are trying to tell.

    Once you learn the basic then you can go other video editing training

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    I can't believe that becoming a video editor can be so easy. How much does the average video editor usually earn?


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      Thanks for sharing. I’ve recently enrolled in a Coursera video editing course, and I’m really fond of it. My friends advised me about it, btw. Though I won’t receive a certificate (cause the course is free), I’ll gain some basic and essential knowledge of video editing. Btw, I work at Fastreel ( A guy I met in the Coursera community advised me about that software. Anyway, I think it’s not really important what SW you use. Your skills and knowledge matter more. So, I’d be grateful if you shared more video editing courses.
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