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Question about marriage to a Foreign National

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    Hi again Paddy,

    I really have enjoyed reading your post very much. They are very refreshing and soothing, but if you have read up on my thread, Mohan and many others do have a point.

    My Fiance is not here. He is still in his country, but he could very easily get a Visitor's Visa to come to the U.S. just to be with me at Christmas. This is what started my thread. I thought we could get married in this way instead of having to wait for the K-1 to go through, but with my stinkin' luck, BCIS would probably not accept the I-130 as Mohan stated. Man, this is so depressing.

    You know, Paddy, for some reason I really am feeling good about you being able to apply for your citizenship next year. I really think that you will get it. I can feel you really deserve it and I think your wife is very lucky to have someone such as you. Please, give her my regards.

    Hang in there, Paddy, and soon, all of your dreams will be fulfilled.

    Thank you for all of your kind thoughts and words.

    Take care!


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      Hello all,
      (I am the originator of this question)
      I consulted with an immigration attorney who told me that it's best to file for a K1 visa. We could get married here on the visitor's visa, but we have chosen not to do that and to wait.This attorney told me it will take 4-6 months for the visa to be approved, but does anyone out there know if that is actually true, or is it more like a year?(He is from Peru)
      I guess I just don't want to rush my marriage day since it is such an important day in my life. And really, if I am going to be with this person forever, I can wait 6 months or so until the visa is approved. It stinks to have to be apart, but I think it's better to follow the rules as they are set up. So, in any case, we are filing for a K1 visa and I will let you know how everything works out! If anyone has more advice, let me know!Thanks!


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        Hey CTCARR821 (that is a complicated name),
        I am from Peru and my husband filed th K1 petition to the Vermont Service Center. Since the day he filed until the day I received my visa in the US Consulate, it passed less than 4 months (the VSC is the fastest, they approved the petition in just 2 months).
        If you need more specific information, send me an email.


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          HI Cayita...
          I am planning on sending everything to the VSC. I am curious on how the process works in Peru?? Will I have to go there too for an interview??
          I would lvoe to talk with you a bit more about this....


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            Send me an email to (in english or spanish).


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              just out of curiousity I just wanted to know the process with the Fiancee visas that you can get from US consulates abroad. I don't profess to know anything about these visas except that I think you have 90 days from the date of your arrival in the US to get I right? This leads me onto my next question, Once you have married here in the US what happens then? Do you automatically get your green card or do you have to go through the same process of "Adjustment of Status" as those immigrants like myself who apply for the green card thru marriage to a USC whilst in the USA? As I said before, I was just curious because I wanted to compare the whole process in terms of both length and content as opposed to the adjustment of status I went thru.


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