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During the 19th Century

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  • Cewer
    Instead of 19th century, you can also buy different types of cocaine and bath salts products in USA, Canada and Australia. No doubt, there is always a issue of trusted supplier of Nembutal and its related products. As per research, there are very few stores in USA that has this type of license to trade bath salts products and the best one is Dorganic Chems that also go beyond to solve its clients problems like legal assistance.

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  • Starlies
    You know that before people did not know about the negative impact on the health of alkaloids, including cocaine, and that this substance wasn't banned at that time. By the way, as far as I know, I read in one of the articles on this portal that in the 19th century people also did not consider alcohol to be something dangerous for their mental and physical health. Children could drink light sweet wines, doctors even prescribed wine or other alcohol to some pregnant women as a remedy for toxicosis. Yes, now it seems to us something surprising, but before people took it for ordinary things. By the way, isn't it thanks to such a massive use of substances harmful to health that mankind generally paid attention to the fact that it's cocaine or alcohol that has a certain effect on a person?

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  • blogsandar
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  • bovton1818
    started a topic During the 19th Century

    During the 19th Century

    During the 19th Century, coca – and its psychoactive alkaloid, cocaine – proved increasingly popular in Europe and North America, featuring in drinks, tonics, medicines and various other products. They included Vin Mariani, a French wine with more than 200mg/litre of cocaine. Adverts claimed it "refreshed body and brain" and fans included Thomas Edison, Ulysses S Grant, Emile Zola and Pope Leo XIII (who even appeared on a promotional poster).

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