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  • Watch Udaariyaan All Episodes Online Free 2022

    Udaariyaan is hindi television series aired. It started on 15th March 2021 and since then has been gaining popularity and has been able to maintain its space in the top 10 TRP hindi series. It is as story of 2 sisters – Tejo and Jasmin with opposite personalities. The show is produced by the very famous couple and successful actors Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey. Watch Udaariyaan all the episodes online for free here

    Udaariyaan Serial Story

    The story revolves around two sisters with totally opposite personalities – Tejo Kaur Sandhu and Jasmin Kaur Sandhu. Tejo is very responsible and mature whereas Jasmin is very bubbly and immature. Tejo is phycology professor and always want to be with her family and fulfill their dreams whereas Jasmin is a college going student who has a dream of settling in Canada. Fateh Singh Virk is a boxer who runs an academy himself and loves Jasmin.

    Since, Jasmin wants to marry a person who is/will settle in Canada, Fateh tries his level best to get a job opportunity in Canada in order to marry the love of his life, Jasmin. Fateh manages to get a job offer in Canada and they both come closer to each other. Jasmin agrees to marry Fateh. Tejo, on the other hand, gets married to a guy named Jass who is settled in Gurgaon. He turns out to be a fraud and runs away post marriage.

    Just a day before Fateh’s and Jasmin’s marriage, Jasmin gets to know that there are some issues and complications with Fateh’s job offer in Canada. On seeing her dream of living in Canada being shattered, Jasmin refuses to marry Fateh in front of everyone. Fateh and Tejo tries to convince Jasmin a lot, but Jasmin refuses to marry Fateh. In order to save the reputation of the family, Tejo and Fateh have to get married. Fateh, being heartbroken, tries to move on but still cares and feel for Jasmin. Tejo supports Fateh emotionally to move on.

    After some time, Jasmin realizes that she loves Fateh and cant live without him. She starts doing evil tactics to get Fateh back into her life. In order to make Fateh more jealous, Jasmin agrees to marry a guy named Gippy who is settled in Canada. Jasmin confesses her love to Fateh and even fake burning her passport. Fateh gets back into the life of Jasmin and both cheat on Tejo. On finding the truth of Jasmin and Fateh, Tejo gets shattered and informs the family about their relationship.

    Tejo demands divorce from Fateh. Court gives them a grace period of six month to improve their relationship. Jasmin, being jealous, gets in touch with Jass and plans evil havocs for Tejo. Tejo and Fateh get Jass arrested.

    Tejo and Fateh gets divorce. Angad Maan, an NRI and boxing academy investor, meets Tejo and gets quite impressed with her future vision and plans. They both spend quality time together. On seeing this, Fateh starts getting jealous.

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