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    Thanks for your Kind words. We are in the process of getting affadavits to prove a valid marriage. How many affadavits are required or is there a minimum number? We have three to send in. Also, what other suppporting documentation is helpful apart from the usual. Thanks

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    Thanks for your Kind words. We are in the process of getting affadavits to prove a valid marriage. How many affadavits are required or is there a minimum number? We have three to send in. Also, what other suppporting documentation is helpful apart from the usual. Thanks


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      Well, first I want to ask; Are you guys asked to submit additional documents by the INS? If you are not asked to submit anything, just wait... The I-130 is more likely to be relocated in the district office as it should have been in my case... I have a friend from Michigan, he is also in the same situation and his I-130 is already relocated. After it's relocated then they will schedule an interview, there you will prove the marriage... It's always good to have the proof of the genuine marriage ready to submit though, you'll never know they would return the petition for more evidence...

      It's not just the affidavits, you will need other documents too, like joint bank/credit accounts, you being on his/her life/medical insurance, joint rental lease(like the apartment), utility bills on both your names, photos, correspondence addressed like Mr.&Mrs...

      You can always contact me at


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        It not always the case . sometimes INS will ask for aditional Evidences and Just aprove the I-130 without interview.. if they ask aditional docs the make sure you submit all that what mentioned above specially 6 to 10 pictures, actual merriage, party, with relatives and friends. and some of them casual pic in house after merriage.. etc etc.
        lease and joint utility bills, insurance, Joint bank account are the other necessary item . these all will avoid the Interview.


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          Thanks guys, your advice gives me some releif as we have turned in most of the docs already to our lawyer and waiting to get the last affedavit to turn in to INS. Our case file is already transfered to the INS office in our city of residence. some of the docs turned in are lease and rent receipts, car and life insurance policies, joint checking acount docs, some combined purchases, about 20 pics including the wedding which was a simple ceremony. My lawyer mentioned that they may or may not interview to approve the I-130 but in my case ( proceedings ) I am not so sure. If any of you guys can think of any additional docs, please let us know and Prayers to all of you in your situations. Thanks


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            Guest, since you live in KY, your service center is Texas and the district office is in Louisiana... I assume they relocated your I-130 in the Louisville Sub Office... right? Just checking the processing times, Louisville can take up to a year to approve the AOS, and they give EAD in 30-60 days.. Well, nothing to worry about right now, just for your information...


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              Hi Bushmaster!
              You just mentioned the processing times of the AOS. Well in our cases, we dont have AOS interviews! So I wonder how long does it take for the district offices to conduct I-130 interviews!

              Bush Master can u ask someone on the other site about this? I would appreciate it!


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                In my case, since the judge requested INS to get on things, I assume they need to finish this thing by the end of February. But like in your NOA, it says several months, I don't know how many months that is...


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                  In my case, we applied for my I-130 in Sept. and got the approval in Feb the following year. They sent us a note to appear for interview the ff. month. During the interview they asked us to fill out some more forms to submit and I think I-485 was one of them .Wesubmitted it ASAP and got another notice, just a 1/2 sheet blue paper to come for interview. I did not get any receipt #, just that tiny, informal type of letter saying to appear for AOS interview. We went for that and that was 2 years later after my first interview. The IO didn't tell me the result of my AOS interview but just gave me a waiver I-601. He said to submit this and if your husband is in the military so much the better because INS are more relax with military officers.
                  The only problem, I did not follow what he ask me to do. We were not able to finish up my papers because of some factors: I was afraid they might deport me if denied; No time because my husband was moved to different installations very often; my husband was always out in different missions/ Somalia/ etc.; I didn't have any access to lawyers in the areas we were assigned.
                  But this time, we are going to hire a lawyer for me. I will be meeting her tomorrow-10/21


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                    Hi unlucky, How are you doing ?

                    I am really sorry to say that but I think you really blew up your chances at that time..I think your waiver could have been accepted at that time..since your husband is military and he moved a lot from place to place someone ned to be home with the kids no ?
                    You have a lot of chances with that waiver I guess...just check with your lawyer and file it again...good luck to you...keep us posted

                    Have a nice sunday


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                      Yeah, I really did. I'm even pleading with my husband to go back to the reserve but with the war that's coming I don't know if I can afford to let my husband die just for this stupid immigration. It's not worth it. When worse comes to worst, I'll apply for a job in UK, they need a lot of nurses there.


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