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  • N-400

    what is the penalty for claiming to be a citizen on three different job applications prior to getting work authorization. Will the government prosecute?

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    what is the penalty for claiming to be a citizen on three different job applications prior to getting work authorization. Will the government prosecute?


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      False statements on USG forms render you removeable. And also prosecuteable under 18 USC 1015 adn 1001. Congratuations on your criminal action.


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        Dav and Federale,
        I read case law where they have gotten away with it saying they believed they were a national. When you answer my request please understand that I am stressed to the max. One final question, He took my personal paperwork without my consent or knowledge, I had told him I would not give willingly after I learned of his identity to file his N-400 which he lied on 10 times. Can I sue for him taking my documentation without my permission. I do have the dates, badge numbers, and time of my four attempts over the last 3 years where I have tried to report to ICE.


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          Why when the employer was notified they decided not to fire until immigrations takes action. He threatened to sue because he has since became a citizen. He claimed OOPs made a mistake. They are a Fortune 1000 company, is it because they don't want the publicity or are they really afraid of a law suit because he has since been naturlized though fraudulently. Should I leave it alone or do I have anyway recourse. Not vengence, let me explain why, he had his work authorization, our son was sickly and I had been the breadwinner, once our son was born and I could not longer work because of his numerous health issues my sister told him to apply to the company she works for, we never dreamnt he lie about citizenship, he didn't have to! They would have hired him with work authorization. But since I have learned of his identity few years ago and yes i have tried to notify ICE he has threatned my sister who is his boss repeatedly that if she does anything to him he will sue company, or file charges of discrimination. He went from $5.50 hour to over 115k year and I went a year without a bra because he controlled all the money. I don't care about that I was happy caring for our son who needed that care. His actions on those numerous trivial things are for God to judgge and punish not me or the courts.


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            The I-9 wording on being a citizen or national has been a problem in the past sometimes. They recently revised the I-9 form:

            New Attestation Provision in Section 1 of the Form I-9
            As a minor modification, the new form also will allow the employee to attest to being either a citizen or non-citizen national of the United States. Non-citizen nationals of the United States are persons born in American Samoa, some former citizens of the former Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands and some children of non-citizen nationals born abroad. The U.S. State Department has further information about non-citizen nationals on its web site at

            U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Announces Revised I-9 Form
            "What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying."


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              Brit thanks but I don't know the exact I-9 I know he committed the lie to three employers,from 2000 to 2001 and not sure what revision they were using. I know it is more difficult now to lie but this happened in 2000 with one employer and twice with two different employers in 2001. He said OOOPS but he could have told the truth, he had a work authorization. He lies so much that the truth eludes him


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                To claim that you thought it was a national, you will have to testify to that, which places you under crossexamination. Any good Assitant United States Attorney will tear you up on the stand. You will have to first admitted that you knew what you were doing was wrong, then explain how you thought you were a U.S. national but not a citizen, then explain how you knew the difference between the two. And you will have to admit that you were an alien seeking a benefit. Any jury could still find you guilty by concluding that you lied on the stand to avoid punishment. Juries don't have to believe everything you say. They are the judge of the validity of the evidence and testimony that witnesses present.


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                  Federale86, I don't know who you are but in my eyes you are a God sent person. End of January and attache from ICE will be coming back from India but what could they get there? From the disposition of records on visa's issued from U.S. Embassy in Foreign govt's it seems after 5 years the records come back here to the Kentucky is that correct? So what could they get there he came in 1999. I thought about you all day and I thank God that people like you help people like me to attempt to help themselves. I just want my children safe. I have let them down and haven't been able to protect them when he is the one who breaks the laws.


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                    davdah your smart because my congressman and senator were just talking about the same thing this afternoon. They will not tell even Congr/Sen what they are going for just that they are going. We are thinking maybe to ask the Indian Govt. to see if his real identity exists with his real identity under his Indian passport. Dunno but very wise of you to think of that as we did too. Will you pray. I just got off the phone with a very close Indian friend of mine and she is so ashamed of what he has done as a human not to mention how he disgraces their culture. Yes, problem with the I-9 is the fact that the version did say citizen/national but thanks for pointing out that a good Fed attorney (Federale pointed this out) can squash that bs. My ex and his attorney whom is GOOD and believes and feels sorry for ever word he says. **** I don't even blame her because I felt the same way for 3 years he had me snowed and covered up his lies so well, or would come clean just before he knew he was going to get caught. She has seen this herself but hey his money is GREEN what does she care. My children's misery is of no consequence to her, she is a motherless women. So doubtful she would have any compassion for a mother's love. What Children and Youth did today was appauling and I talked to Marc at the State Dept and emailed him all the documents he used to be a Federal Attorney for 10 years before becoming part of the Section for Abducted children for the State Dept. He said what the He)) kind of law do they practice there in PA. then tonight his attorney slammed me with tax stuff he is trying to wiggle out of. OMG I wish I could send this forum scanned documents for two reasons, one to shutter in disbelief and secondly for advice. Pray Please pray safety, truth and justice. I don't even think about all the cruel things he did to me for I know God will handle that in his time but the criminal things and more importantly what he has done to my children that I can't stop fighting for. But I am 40k in attorney fees now. Not sure how much more I can handle. I am tired and feel guilty that each time my ex does something crazy I must react responsibly and it takes away from any joy I could and should be sharing with my children.


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