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Introduction to Aluminium Extrusion

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  • Introduction to Aluminium Extrusion

    Aluminum extrusion causes alloys to be formed into any shape or size. It is so popular and versatile that approximately half of all the aluminum we process and ship is extruded. Whether you're looking for a round bar, square bar, flat bar, or hexagonal bar made of aluminum, they are all extruded from aluminum. Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about aluminum extrusion.

    What is aluminum extrusion?

    Think pasta! Aluminum extrusion is similar to handmade paste. You put the metal in a special press. It is pushed through the cutout die that you have chosen or created. Then it comes out the other end in the shape of a dice. The technique is used to transform everyday aluminum alloy into objects with a defined cross section, created for specific uses. The extrusion process itself takes advantage of the unique characteristics of the metal.

    How does aluminum extrusion happen?

    You first design the die in the way you want to extrude the metal. Then heat an aluminum alloy cylinder to 800 ° F-925 ° F before transferring it to a charger and adding a lubricant to prevent it from sticking to the extruder or anything else. High pressure is then applied to a dummy block using something called a ram, which pushes the aluminum into the container and forward through the die.

    We don't want oxides to form, so we let liquid nitrogen, or nitrogen gas, flow through the die to create a safe, inert atmosphere that also increases the life of the die itself. The extruded metal has the same shape as the opening in the die, and that is its "extrusion."

    When the metal has cooled, we can straighten and harden the aluminum extrusion and cut it to the proper length. Then we reheat it to speed up the hardening process. If we need to create something more complex, maybe customize the layout, we can do smart things like make hollow sections or add mandrels inside the die to make unusual profiles. Finally, we can change the color, texture and gloss of the final item, and we can even anodize or paint the surface.

    Who Invented Aluminum Extrusion?

    The history of extrusion dates back to 1797 when Joseph Bramah patented the first extrusion process, designed to make pipes from soft metals. In 1820, Thomas Burr used the same process to form lead pipes, using a hydraulic press that was also invented by Bramah.

    Why Was Aluminum Extrusion Invented?

    Aluminum extrusion is a reliable way to make a wide variety of standard and unusual shapes for use in many industries. Extruded aluminum alloys help fabricators to make parts with specific qualities. You may need aluminum parts to be particularly strong or unusually resistant to corrosion, or to have a very complex profile. Aluminum extrusion accomplishes all of this and more.

    What is aluminum extrusion for?

    Aluminum itself is famous for its workability, and the different die designs mean that a multitude of profiles are possible. Metal is malleable but also strong, making it perfect for structural and mechanical projects. It resists rust and corrosion, simply oxidizing a little to form a protective layer. Aluminum is 100% recyclable and can be infinitely recycled. It is often surprisingly profitable and looks amazing. It conducts heat and electricity wonderfully and weighs very little, about a third the weight of steel, but just as strong.

    Simply put, the purpose of Best Aluminium Company In Chennai is to provide extra lightweight strength and strength to an extraordinary variety of vital products and objects.

    What are the common uses of extruded aluminum?

    Aluminum's high strength-to-weight ratio makes it ideal for cars, airplanes, bicycles, boats, and trains. Light vehicles consume less fuel, so the use of aluminum saves gasoline. Its remarkable strength means that vehicles made with it can carry much heavier loads.

    Alloys that have been extruded from aluminum are used to make attractive and strong retail displays in the store and at the point of sale from one of the best aluminium extrusion manufacturers in India. It is widely used in the construction industry to make panels, lighting, and many different types of extruded parts that are used to create facades.

    The metal's excellent conductivity, twice as good as copper, means that it is popular for power systems and mounting systems in many industries. The military and defense are large consumers of extruded aluminum, used for anything from military vehicles to landing mats and temporary structures. And extruded metal forms an essential part of the International Space Station, that is, the pipe used for the trusses that link the different parts of the station.

    What affects the price and supply of extruded aluminum?

    The price and supply of the metal itself primarily affects the availability of extruded aluminum. If we have aluminum, we can extrude it! The cost of metal depends on many factors, including the cost of electricity, of which large amounts are needed to melt the metal. If the cost of energy goes up, so does the price of aluminum.

    New innovations also have an impact. He travels by plane. Aluminium profile manufacturers are under enormous pressure to invent airplanes that emit less CO2, and one way to do that is to make them even lighter. The resulting goal of reducing the amount of aluminum used in aircraft manufacturing from 50% to 20% will have an impact on demand and therefore the market as a whole.

    The construction industry, another major consumer of extruded aluminum, is volatile at best and more than ever thanks to Covid-19. This affects supply and demand, which in turn affects the price of the metal.

    When we see low production stocks coupled with intense construction activity, high demand and low supply drive prices up. The cost of raw aluminum itself varies along with economic changes, fluctuating exchange rates, trade wars, political difficulties between nations, and cyclical recessions.

    Only one thing is for sure. As long as the metal is used by monster industries like construction, transportation, and the military, the cost of extruded aluminum will continue to fluctuate alongside it.

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    Aluminum extrusion is a process where molten aluminum is forced through a small tube. Need to click here that promote their aluminum products. It has been used in many industries since the early 1900s. This article will focus on how aluminum extrusion works, the types of applications it can be used for, and where you can find some helpful resources.


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      This is great Blog here my friend! Very informative 오나홀


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        Aluminum extrusion was very well explained in this post. I have never read anything about it on SJHM and it seems important. That site should post about it.


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          Aluminum extrusion is a versatile manufacturing process that transforms aluminum alloys into a wide range of shapes and profiles, suitable for various industries. This method involves forcing heated aluminum through a die to create intricate designs, making it an ideal choice for construction applications. One can find a diverse selection of aluminum construction profiles for architectural and structural purposes at These profiles offer exceptional strength-to-weight ratios, corrosion resistance, and design flexibility. Whether it's for windows, doors, or structural framing, aluminum extrusion plays a pivotal role in modern construction, delivering both functionality and aesthetics.


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            I don't think I am aware with the process of aluminum extrusion. Is it similar to the one used in I would definitely like to see a demo video for better understanding.


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