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Automated OTT Billing Software For OTT Business

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  • Automated OTT Billing Software For OTT Business

    WHMCS Smarters has successfully developed fully automated Smart IPTV Billing modules which are designed to manage IPTV subscription and billing efficiently. It is an upgradeable technology and automated IPTV billing solution for admins or IPTV resellers to manage users, services, orders, and billing automatically and manually.
    Smarters Billing Solution is available for the Following IPTV Panels:Let's Have a Look at the Amazing Features of These Billing Modules:

    - Support: Create Services automatically or manually
    - Support: Suspend / Unsuspend Service automatically or manually
    - Support: Termination Services automatically or manually
    - Auto-Renewal Service Supported
    - Easy Installation & Configuration
    Support Create Service: When customers purchase a product/service/subscription, it automatically creates the service/subscription on the panel. Also, from the admin area, the admin can create it manually as well.
    Support Suspend / Unsuspend Service: When a customer fails to pay the invoice on time, it will automatically suspend the service/subscription and automatically re-enable if it is paid by the customers. Also, an admin can perform both actions manually from the admin area.
    Support Termination: If a customer is no longer paying and does not wish to continue the service, It will automatically terminate the service. Of course, this allows the admin to terminate it at any time from the admin area in case of any problems.
    Auto-Renewal Service Supported: It supports the renewal of services automatically which means our system generates the invoices x days from the due date if the customer pays the invoice then it extends the date on the Super reseller.
    Easy Installation & Configuration: Yes it’s very easy to install and configure. Simply upload the files Activate the add-on modules from the admin and configure them to your products under the “module ” section. Still need help then read our docs.
    If You Have any Query, Feel Free to Contact at or visit Complete Software Solution for OTT Business | OTT Apps Developers | WHMCSSmarters for your IPTV Software & apps Development.

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    Thanks for sharing the details about automated OTT billing software for OTT business. I have been looking for this for two days. And finally, I got it. I don't know how to thank you for this. best maternity hospital in ernakulam Anyway, thank you so much.


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      Thankful to you for your post


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        This is really very interesting and useful software for business. I'm not sure I could manage to issue each client an invoice created without the use of such software. I am one of those business owners who are trying to actively try and apply digital technologies in their work. Recently I found very interesting information here about how to automate the accounting and control of capital expenditures for my company. I think you might be interested in learning more about it too.


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          I support you and thank you for the informative post. Nowadays it is not so easy to find really functional software for a certain business niche. That's why it's better to create it yourself by ordering development of a website, platform, web application or software to developers


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