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What is lean management?

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  • What is lean management?

    Improving the performance of the company by promoting the development and involvement of employees: this is in a nutshell the objective and the concept of M&A advisory. But how does this translate into reality?
    Born in the 1970s at Toyota, lean management seeks to improve performance through the optimal use of methods, skills, tools, and practices already available in the company.

    What needs to be eliminated
    Major sources of waste are identified and should be reduced, ideally eliminated. These are overproduction (so we only produce what is already ordered or certain to be sold), excessive stocks (just-in-time work), defects and alterations (succeed the first time and settle the problems as they arise), waiting times, unnecessary transportation and travel, and unnecessary treatment.
    To which is added the poor or underutilization of skills, which, in addition to undermining productivity, leads to a loss of motivation. Everyone's expertise must be valued and lead to exchanges between operational staff and other levels of the company: management and management are renewing links with the field.

    Advantages and disadvantages
    Cost reduction and product quality are the two main advantages of this method, but on the other hand, poorly understood, it sometimes has a negative impact on the well-being of employees. Companies that adopt it are therefore encouraged to make efforts to juggle as well as possible between productivity and the expectations of their employees.

    In which sectors?
    The industry is the most obvious field of application since it is there that lean strategy finds its origin and that it is the easiest to understand how to set it up on production lines. But it can be adopted in trade and distribution, IT, services, etc., and in all departments of the company.
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