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Prevention and Treatment of Parasites

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  • Prevention and Treatment of Parasites

    At Evolution Veterinary Group, we promote prevention to prevent your pet from being infected with parasites such as fleas and embedded fully ticks on dogs. We will be able to present you with various types of preventive treatments to ensure your peace of mind!

    How do I know if my pet has ticks or fleas?
    Careful observation of your pet's coat and skin will allow you to see if he has fleas or ticks. Be aware that ticks tend to cling to your pet's face and paws. They are also very small, but when they become engorged with blood, they grow larger and are more visible.
    As for fleas, you can do this simple little test at home:
    Place your animal on a white surface (sheet of paper, paper towel) and rub its hair vigorously.
    Spray small debris with a little water.
    If a red trace appears around the debris, it is probably blood, therefore a flea. If no trace appears, it's just dirt.
    If you are unsure whether your animal has parasites, do not hesitate to contact us, we can carry out an examination and propose a treatment adapted to the situation.

    How to remove a tick?
    When you notice a tick on your pet, stay calm. Indeed, you should not try to remove the tick with your bare hands to prevent it from breaking and that part of it remains on your companion's skin. You can also use a natural tick remover for cats to easily get the job done. There is a clamp designed for this purpose and you can get it in our shop. If you are not comfortable removing the tick yourself, come see us. It is with pleasure that our team will take care of your animal!

    What can I do to prevent parasites?
    Our team can recommend pest control products adapted to your companion's lifestyle! There are several interesting options, and we will be able to find the one that best suits your pet.
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