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  • Moving to Estonia

    I have decided that I will move to HER country and she how she likes that !

    Oh wait..her country ****S !

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    michael you are one immature and sad us a favor and move to siberia


    • #3

      By the way that is not a bad idea at all...Coz there will be lots of beautiful grints what you seem to be interested in ...and overall I think you will be happy...if you get fed up just come back...Good luck in your new mission ....


      • #4
        Michael, have you thought of buying a punching bag? taking a basket of tennis ***** and just practicing your serve for hours? or a bucket of golf ***** and hitting those for hours? or maybe just slamming your fist into a pillow repeatedly for days?


        • #5
          Hi Michael ,
          I would have come with you there and helped you with language but I m too much old and that age limit is gone for me now and moreover married and committed to my wife ...that I will never break unless I get divorce .... But still you can make best out of it... Have a safe and fun trip to Estonia .... I m just joking ...don't take it seriously ... Pasha


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            Privet Makcim

            Nice to know that... I m Indian but stayed in Russia for 7 yrs for my graduation... I speak Russian even better than my mother tongue...

            A Vi sami otkuda ? Kakaya strana? Budit priyatno uznat...


            • #7
              Do Russians REALLY say?:

              "Drink vodka, be strong like tractor."

              My favorite toast is:

              "Here's to swimmin' with bow-legged women."

              I taught Mian this but he messes it up and I crack up and choke on my drink.
              Sweet Madame Belu


              • #8
                привет максим,

                как жизнь молодая? я сам из индии, учился в Москве на врача. Москва - как мой второй родной город....я жил в России 7 лет. я закончил мед. академию с отличием и имею сертификат " преподаватель русского языка как иностранного и как переводчик".

                я сейчас в штате Georgia . мне очень было приятно с вами познакомиться...ПАША


                LOL... that is true. Though they don't tell same thing but essence is just like that...they love Vodka a lot...and once Vodka in ... u r strong like anything .....hahahahahaha.... I remember once we went to village and then in forest to celebrate New Year with friends ... there was – 30 degree centigrade ...that's a lot .... We each of us had 1 full bottle of vodka per person and we were not cold at all in – (minus) 30 ....Wow ...! That was fun.......


                • #9
                  I am SO craving a Bloody Mary right now!
                  Sweet Madame Belu


                  • #10
                    Michael's Cafe has been temporarily ShutDown due to Pending Lawsuits and Poor judgement.

                    There is speculation of Class action.

                    No further information is available at this time.


                    • #11
                      Michael when are you f-u-c-k-i-n-g leaving for estonia? the sooner the better..........America will be so much better without you and while you are at it please take acelaw with you.


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