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Smoker Cookers Are Taking Patios By Storm!

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  • Smoker Cookers Are Taking Patios By Storm!

    A few years ago, most people fired up their grills when it was time to cook out. They would make hamburger patties, buy hot dogs or pick up a few chops at the meat counter. They would grab a bottle of lighter fluid and a bag of charcoal briquettes. After a whoosh of initial flame, they would wait until the coals ashed over and they would toss the meat directly above the extreme heat of the coals. Grills are still popular, but an increasing number of people are exploring a different way of cooking out. Smoker cookers are taking patios by storm.

    Smoker cookers share some things in common with traditional grills, but they are really a very different tool. Grills are made to cook things relatively quickly over high heat. Offsetsmokerpoint cookers provide a means by which one can slowly cook meat with a lower temperature. They produce that tender, smoky, moist traditional BBQ everyone seems to love. They infuse meats with flavors and create textures that one cannot replicate with a standard grill.

    Smoker cookers may not be for everyone. They do require patience and it can take some trial and error experimentation before one really develops a strong understanding of how to properly slow cook various cuts of meat. However, the learning curve is not that steep and the quality of the meals cooked on smoker grillers have been more than enough to lead many people to add one to their outdoor cooking arsenal. It only takes a single bite of great BBQ to convince one to add smoked meats to his or her outdoor cooking repertoire.

    We may attribute some of the increasing popularity of smokers to another factor: Price. Before the BBQ revolution took hold, one either needed to build his or her own barrel smoker or traditional brick pit. Today, the market is flooded in reasonably priced smoker cookers in a variety of sizes and designs. You can find small vertical "bullet" smokers for well under $100. Even larger, offset smokers with barrel cooking chambers are now readily available at affordable prices. There are propane smokers, electric smokers and many other BBQ units for sale at virtually every department store. Everyone can find an affordable smoker capable of producing amazing BBQ.

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