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How to Avoid A Level Exam Stress

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  • How to Avoid A Level Exam Stress

    Types of Exam

    When it comes to A levels, there are 2 kinds of exam: seen and unseen. A seen exam allows you to practice a set question ahead of time before you are assessed about it on the day, while an unseen exam is a random question based on an unknown area of the subject you have studied.

    Make Notes on Everything

    When revising for an exam, its best to take notes on everything you've studied within that subject gcse and a level question banks throughout the year. If you revise just one area of the subject, you will probably struggle to express a satisfactory answer. A good answer shows knowledge of all areas of a subject even if the question seems centred around one particular area of research. If you are studying a very broad subject, examiners won't expect you to be 100% certain in every area of it anyhow; because the main point of an A level exam is to test your basic knowledge in preparation for the potential of future study.

    Make Your Revision Notes Clear

    Revising is so much easier when you colour code what you write with a highlighter pen. Assigning a colour for each part of the subject you are revising means you can separate individual sections of research clearly and concisely. If you want to make your revision notes even more effective, consider using diagrams, charts and spread sheets that document your revision notes so that they are assembled in a straightforward fashion for you to study from.

    Study Groups

    Another useful method ideal for A level study is to revise with friends in an atmosphere that will allow you all to remain focused and motivated. Revising together in this way can also allow for you to express interesting ideas and research methods with each other which might positively influence the way each of you studies, thereby creating an even more efficient means of revision.

    Preparation Exams

    Using past test papers is an ideal method of revision. You'll find that most schools/colleges provide access to previous exam papers which are similar to the exam you are preparing to take. Be sure to time yourself when using these test papers to simulate a real life test scenario as this will allow you to evaluate how well you cope under pressure. To authenticate this experience further, take the test in a quiet place similar to that of exam conditions. These mock tests are also effective as they can help you overcome the anxiety you will feel on exam day. If you're school is unable to access past test papers for some reason, you can find many papers for A level.

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