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  • Assistant for entrepreneurs

    Hi all, I am planning to launch an artificial intelligence-based bot helper to solve routine tasks of entrepreneurs. Now the task is to attract the first investment and I need advice on how best to do it

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    Hi, Bot Assistant is quite a popular IT solution right now, and people already have a lot to choose from. But your statement about the use of artificial intelligence should change the attitude of potential investors to the new development. Now it is worth thinking about what you want to offer and exactly how your solution will help entrepreneurs and investors. You have two options first to develop a provable concept and second to develop a minimally viable product. You can read the article if you haven't done this before.


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      I would use such a helper. It would be cool if your assistant was a personal secretary like the same Siri and could easily take notes and organize them. I think a lot of entrepreneurs need this kind of assistant.


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        I want to start a business, i also want a new assistant!
        io games


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          There are many reasons why it's worth implementing AI in the workplace. First, it will save time on repetitive tasks, such as data entry or scheduling meetings, that take up a lot of precious time from employees who would rather do other things, such as problem solving or decision making. Second, it will allow people to focus on higher-level thinking skills that require creativity and emotional intelligence, which machines also cannot mimic. Finally, it will give employees the opportunity to learn about new technologies so they can keep up with the times in the workplace and make themselves more marketable for future jobs. provides an opportunity to incorporate artificial intelligence into any workflow.


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