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  • Crossdocking facility

    Hello there. Last year I and my family got to the US and we managed to open a small business. It is well-running now but with greater demand come supply difficulties. We're located near Seattle and need a small warehouse that deals with small packaging from several carriers. If you're aware of such warehouses, please recommend them.

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    Congrats, my friend. It is a good thing when there're people who will support you in your business no matter what happens. And I can offer a piece of advice here as well. You probably need less-than-truckload(LTL) cross-docking and warehousing. And I know just one that will do the trick for you. Check this cross dock warehouse


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      I have only read a few articles on cross docking and they have been interesting. From one of them I learned about warehousing as well. It was informative.


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