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Removal of green card and I-130 based on marriage fraud

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  • Removal of green card and I-130 based on marriage fraud

    Hello Everyone,

    I need some guidance and any information that can help me remove my affidavit of support, I-130, and green card from my spouse. I will give some history so that I can get accurate information.
    I married my husband in July 2015. We applied for the marriage visa in January 2016. During the time we waited for the visa I financially supported him and helped the family, I paid for everything connected to the visa, ie. passport, fees, medical, and anything associated with t. I made several trips to the DR during the process, everything I did was based on his word and good faith. I entered into the marriage in good faith and based on our many conversations and the agreements we made during that time.
    In August 2017 I went to the DR to visit and for our final interview. We had agreed prior that since we would not receive the visa immediately after approval I would return the U.S. and work for a month or two depending on when my job would allow me a weekend off I would return and he and I would come to America together.
    We received the visa the week after I left and this is when he began showing he created a fraud marriage. Once he got the visa he went missing for 4 days. August 30 I get a Skpe call from him, he then informs me he is in America in another state with a cousin I told him he was to either come here to our home on file or go back to the DR. He refused to do either. He stated he was going to stay there for while and work. I informed him there were plenty of jobs here in our location.
    He refused to come and found many things that made me begin to believe this was marriage fraud. I informed him of my suspicions and finally in October 2017 he came for a brief 13 days to my home. It was during this time I learned the complete truth and gathered proof he indeed committed marriage fraud. While here he kept trying to provoke me into arguments and fights but I resisted and tired to resolve things. During his brief time here I found evidence on his phone, in his computer and in his papers that he had been lying and planned the entire time to not live together as promised. He had planned the entire time before coming to build a life in Boston without me and try to build a case to keep his card without the marriage.
    On November 12, I found multiple things on his computer that began to show me the extent of the fraud he committed but I still told him after I reviewed everything I would like to sit down and speak calmly about these things and how we would resolve this.
    After I reviewed everything instead of being calm he became enraged because I uncovered everything he had been doing and hiding from me. He abused me phycally for everything I had found he did, including lying to social security telling them I lived in Boston with hm. On Nov 12 he gathered his suitcase and left and I have not seen him since. I had no contact with him at al until I initiated court cases against him at which time he began contacting me asking me to drop them and he would come here to live as agreed. Each time I refused and eventually I stopped hearing from him.
    He and I have never lived together as promised or as we stated would be n our visa petition, he has never supported or offered help financially even though he has worked the entire time e has been in America. He lied to get his SS card, he immediately established residency in another state refusing to live together. We have not established anything jointly as is expected by immigration for a marriage, he actually refused stating we did not need to and I could do it alone.
    Also we had co sponsor but she has since passed away and I refuse to find another one as I would not put anyone in a position of being responsible for him based n his actions.
    Everything he has done since stepping foot in America screams of marriage fraud. Please help guide me to remove my affiavidt of support and I-130 to end my responsibility to him. I need any help or guidance I can get.
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