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safest options for replacing your MacBook battery

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  • safest options for replacing your MacBook battery

    Here are your options for replacing a MacBook battery and the cost of a MacBook battery replacement. Advantage: This service is free of charge under the current warranty and should therefore be your first choice. If your MacBook is still under warranty, Apple will replace a defective or excessively worn battery for free. In the US, Apple offers a one-year limited warranty. In the EU, this guarantee is extended to two years by consumer law. If you have purchased AppleCare for your MacBook, this protection is extended to three years.

    Those who are still under warranty should contact Apple immediately if they have any problems with the battery. You can check your warranty status by looking up your device's serial number on Apple's Check Coverage page. You can find your serial number by clicking the Apple menu in the top left of the screen and selecting About This Mac.

    If you're not under warranty for battery replacement, let's look at the next best options for MacBook battery replacement. Before doing this, however, there are a few specific cases you should know about. Advantage: Your MacBook is guaranteed against defects caused by the procedure. Also, your replacement device is a genuine third-party product and should take no more than a day or so to work. Apple recommends that you have your MacBook battery replaced at an authorized first-party or third-party service center. This is usually the most expensive, but it is also the safest option. There is less chance of anything going wrong, and Apple offers a 90-day guarantee on all work done.

    How much does it cost to replace a MacBook battery, assuming the repair isn't covered by warranty or consumer law? A typical MacBook battery replacement is $ 129 for a MacBook Air or $ 199 for a Retina MacBook Pro. If your MacBook is particularly old, you'd better invest that money in a replacement. Look out for the usual signs that it is time to replace your Mac and don't invest your money in an old device.

    To have Apple replace your MacBook battery, go to the Apple Mac Service and Repair website and click "Start Service Request". If there isn't an Apple Store near you, the website will suggest third-party authorized technicians who can do the job instead. These technicians are just as trained as Apple's and offer the same warranties.

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    Most MacBook or MacBook Pro laptops have batteries that are good for between 300 and 1,000 recharge cycles, depending on the model (Apple has published the specs here). ... You can, in fact, replace the battery yourself.


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