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    Eastern European (Former Soviet)
    South American (Brazil)
    Asian (Chinese, Philippino)

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      I think you have a better chance if you want to build a family to have a Brazilian wife,they are not only beatiful, but most of them cook very well, they are hot, they are always in a good mood, love kids, are very family oriented, and are extremely worried about making their men happy, also they are not high-mainteinance, I would they they are very low-mainteinance.


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        Thank you Aguila. I will think about this. I often see the television shows with these hot South American women and I wonder about it. I am in New York City where most spanish speaking women are extremely undesirable because of their lack of class. Then when I watch these shows, I wonder where these women are ! "A Foreign Affair" has romance tours to Cartegena. Something to think about. Have you had experiences with Brazilians ? You sound like you have. How are they about marrying older men ? Thanks.


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          I think you will have a better chance of having a successful marriage if you start recognizing women as individuals, and not as stereotypes. No wonder you have to go abroad to find a wife!


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            I am from South America myself although I am not from Brazil, I have been there twice and I love it.

            I am in NYC area too, you should try to go to the nightclub LIFE in Astoria, Queens. On Fridays they have the Brazilian night, free admission and free parking. It is great!

            I would not recommend CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA although women there are pretty.


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              Michael! I found the PERFECT woman for you!

              Sweet Madame Belu


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                Sounds like you want a slave, not a wife. Marriage is an equal partnership. You give 50, she gives 50. If you give 10 and expect 100, the marriage will be unhappy, maybe not for you, but definitely for her and any children.


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                  Michael have children?!

                  ::shudders at the thought::
                  Sweet Madame Belu


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                    Thanks Aguila; I will check it out.

                    And as for thr others... I do not want a slave. I want a wife who knows how to treat her man with respect so she deserves respect.


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                      It looks like someone decided to move on. Congratulations though....and he's even thinking about getting with another immigrant..where is Swissnut in all to here what she got to say about her boy Michael crossing over again


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                        Josephine, you are HILARIOUS!

                        Have you thought about starting a Rent-a-Wife business? You could even expand it to Rent-a-Wife with Children business. You could categorize them by race, country of origin, age,etc. A whole new type of singles club. Be sure to list in any ads that you run that American women need not apply and that perfection is a requirement. My mind could just go on and on..... The plus sides to this include: women would have an easy way out, children would not be associated with you by DNA, you could try out all the races and would not have to take polls!


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                          ahahahha this guy is funny man dude go with asian girls.asian girls are not only polite some are conreolling like every other girls but they wont divorce you for stupid little stuff and dont mind if you need some free time away with your buddys.they dont expect you to stay with them 24 -7 once your married and have kids.


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                            Every wife is only a rental. You can never "own" a woman. All women are prostitutes except some are honest and walk down the street asking for money for *** and the rest are liars. You can rent a 21 year old fresh hot one or a 42 year old divorce with 4 kids. You don't get to choose not to drink poisin, but you do select to choose which one to drink. Paying for *** is cheaper than not paying for it. Women only want one thing. Size does matter; the size of your wallet. And if your wallet is small, thank God you are an American who can get one for a green card. Marriage is a business. What do you have to trade ? Deal with it. In my 42 years, I have learned this above all else.


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                              OMG, Michael!! Are you my ex-husband???


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