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Caravan card game payout bug

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  • Caravan card game payout bug

    hey guys

    For anyone unaware, winning a game of caravan results in you getting double what you should. Losing a game results in your bet (1/2 of the pot) being deducted from your caps as one would expect, however winning gives the whole pot to you, even though you never actually gave up any caps during the betting phase.

    Cursory searches suggest this bug applies to other forms of gambling, though I haven't tested it—they shouldn't be as exploitable as caravan though.

    I'm not the kind to use such an exploit, but I actually like playing caravan and would like to do so without either unbalancing the game economy, or having to open the console to remove money every time.

    Does anyone know of a mod that fixes this?

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    At first I thought you were talking about some kind of online casino or betting in real life. lol


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      This is what always bothers me in online casinos and gambling. I constantly hear about problems with payments and so on. The same can't be said about sports betting, because I look at all the information on, including NHL predictions, and there is a list of reliable bookmakers who have no problems with payments.


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