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  • EAD -Guest 2 and Cathy

    Finally got my EAD approval from INS yesterday. Guess what?? I got the card. NOw, want to ask Guest 2 if he/she got SS no. through this EAD card?

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    Finally got my EAD approval from INS yesterday. Guess what?? I got the card. NOw, want to ask Guest 2 if he/she got SS no. through this EAD card?


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      Gidget....which service center did u send your application to? Was it vermont, texas, california, which one ?
      Thanks - and congrats


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        Filed my EAD at Vermont Service center, took them 18 business days to approved it then 3 days for the card. Which Service Center did you file your EAD?


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          I filed at vermont,Around September 15th. i have finger print for ealy next month that is November but no sign of the EAD. Do u have your fingerprint appointment ?. DId u receive your EAD card without your fingerprints. Just trying to figure out how they work. THanks- Good luck, please let me know on my questions


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            Hey Kathy...I got fingerprinted too but still no EAD...


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              Hi "ME" which service center did u file at ?


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                Meant to also ask, how long after u applied for adjustment of status did u get the fingerprint appointment, and how long ago did u get fingerprinted ?. Thanks Me,


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                  Hi Kathy,
                  I got my EAD card w/o my fingerprint. Have a fingerprint scheduled early next month. Check your EAD status online and at least you'll know whare you stand. I did check mine everyday.Did you recieve reciept prior on your filing?


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                    Yes...Gidget i received notice but the online status remains unchanged for over one i am just praying :-)
                    When did u apply, the date of your receipt


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                      Hi Kathy,
                      I mailed my applications Sept.9, my reciept date was Sept. 18 they mailed it to me Sept. 24th. then I got the EAD approval Oct. 16th.mailed it to me Oct. 21st, recieved on Oct. 23rd.
                      What's the manner of your payment, it is a personal check or cashier check, I used cashier check because it is as good as cash.If it is personal check, it will take time because of the clearing. Hope this help to ease your mind. let me know anyway.


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                        HiGidget.....I used personal check, mailed it on August 30, they issued a receipt september 15th but still no news from them. What type of application was yours ?. Mine is employment based. My fingerprint appointment is November 1st week.


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                          Hi Kathy,
                          if you used personal check then it will take a while before clearing, your basis now is if they cash the check already then you'll know you're close for the decision. I am under employment petition too. What a coincidence, my FP is on the first week of NOv. Well, Good Luck and hope to hear from you soon.


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                            Thanks Gidget...The minute i hear anything, i will post it here. Also let me know how long your social security card takes, so we can keep track of the application. Thanks for all the info, its greatly appreciated.


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                              I am in the same predicament. My app was sent and recieved on 5th September, posted on 27th September for which I have recieved the reciepts. I have also recieved Notice for Finger Printing for the 2nd week of Nov. Am waiting for the EAD. My question is when they say it takes 30-90 days for the process, when does the count down start, say in my case it sarts from 5th Sept or 27th Sept. The notice says my app recieved on 5th Sept but the online Status reflects Sept 27th as recieved date. I am kind of confussed.By the way my case was a concurently filed, as per the new change.


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