For this Paperslead review, we ordered a 3-page research paper on English literature and received exactly what we expected. They gave us a poorly-written paper with grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, incorrect formatting of the used sources, and a lack of logical flow of information. Seriously, most sections of the paper weren’t even logically connected! After reading the paper, we had a feeling that it was written by a bunch of people because of that.

Here’s a rundown of all the mistakes and shortcomings of the paper that we discovered:

Customer Support

When we called Paperslead rating several times to find out about the progress of our project, we talked with people with a strong Indian accent, which suggested that this service may not employ native speakers as writers, too.


After we have ended our cooperation, we can make only one conclusion in this Paperslead review: we can’t recommend it to anyone looking for quality writing services. There are simply too many problems with this company that result in poor quality writing. It’s clear that they’re trying very hard to get customers with all that discounts and rewards, and it may very well be that they don’t have a lot of orders (and we can see why). Bribing customers with rewards, giving them huge discounts, and doing other things is unethical, at least, and Paperslead should stop doing that.
The only way they can succeed is to hire professional writers and deliver good quality, which is obviously something they can’t do at this point.