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Car Not Starting? Here Are Some Diagnostics Tests You Could Run By Yourself

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  • Car Not Starting? Here Are Some Diagnostics Tests You Could Run By Yourself

    Ever get into your car all set to go on a long drive, only to find that your car won't start? The starter system can be complicated, posing relatively common issues. Read on to know more about the starter system, what problems may arise, and how to get them fixed.

    What is included in the starter system?

    The starter system consists of a small motor which is powered by the battery. It's a vital component that provides the energy to your engine to the car started.

    A starter relay is a supplementary component that stays between the battery and the motor. It helps to transmit all the power required to get the car running. If either of the components fail, the only way to get your car moving is with the use of jumper cables or a towing service.

    What are some common signs of a bad starter motor?

    When something sounds off

    A common symptom of a bad starter is hearing a clicking sound when you try to start the car. Other noises to look out for include whirring or grinding sounds, as they indicate that the motor is about to die soon.

    If the lights turn on but the car doesn't start

    On some occasions, you may start your car only to find that the dashboard lights up, but the car doesn't start. It may require a few more tries before you can get the engine powered up. This is another sign that your starter motor is on its last legs.

    If there's smoke emanating from the car

    Since the starter motor is a critical component of the car's electrical unit, it's subject to short circuits and blown fuses. As a result, it can overheat and cause a fire hazard. If you see smoke in any part of the car, turn off your vehicle and seek professional help from your resident auto service and roadside assistance experts at Service My Car. For example, If you need Hummer Repair in Sharjah, you can take help from Sharjah location roadside assistance experts. They also located in other locations as well with 46 car brands repair & service.

    So, what comes next?

    At this point, it's fair to assume that you've tried to jumpstart the car. If the car still isn't starting, it's best to try one of the following troubleshooting methods -

    Check the fuel gauge

    This might be an obvious one, but it's a known factor when it comes to cars not starting. If you find yourself with an empty fuel tank, try jumpstarting it, or towing it to the nearest petrol station.

    Have a look under the hood

    Prop the hood open and check your battery unit thoroughly. Ensure that the battery and all the cables are working. Sometimes there could just be an issue with your battery.

    Check the starter motor

    If everything's okay with the battery, you can move on to inspecting the starter. Try tapping the motor with a hard object first. In some cases, this could work, but only as a short measure. You're advised to give your car to service experts like Service My Car to get a proper solution.

    Play around with the transmission

    Sometimes, your car won't start from the parking mode in your transmission. You could try starting it from the neutral mode instead, to get a quick diagnosis on whether any problems exist within the transmission module.

    All in all, it's crucial to have a trusty on-call mechanic to assist you with all your car needs. Whether it's any of the issues mentioned above, getting your car to the best garage near you is of utmost importance.

    Luckily, modern car maintenance solutions like Service My Car have got just what you're looking for. Once you make a booking, you don't even have to worry about getting your car to the garage since you get complimentary pickup and delivery with any repair or service availed.

    Book now at Service My Car to get swift and convenient assistance with your car.
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