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    To travel to Bhutan, choosing the right time and season is very important. Bhutan tourism is mainly based on experience tours and scenic tours. The changes of the seasons have a greater impact on the tourism experience, and the views in different times and seasons are different.

    When to go to Bhutan-spring and autumn
    1. The weather in Bhutan is better in spring and autumn, suitable for traveling
    Compared with rainy summers and cold winters, Bhutan’s spring and autumn climates are milder, the temperature is also suitable, and the body feels comfortable. Tourists traveling in Bhutan, whether they are visiting temples, looking at the rural scenery or engaging in outdoor activities, Very comfortable.

    2. Bhutan's natural scenery is more beautiful in spring and autumn
    In the warm spring season, Bhutan’s climate diversity is reflected. Whether it is the wildflowers in the mountains or the rice farms in the countryside, they all reflect the prosperous and vibrant spring scene, which makes people happy and more joyful to watch.

    3. Bhutan's traditional festivals are mostly concentrated in the spring and autumn seasons
    Tshechu is a religious festival held every year in Bhutan. The time of Tshechu is different in different places. It is all on the tenth day of a certain month in the Tibetan calendar. The main regions hold the Autumn Festival in March, April, September, and October.

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    Wow!! So glad to see the details regarding this Bhutan tour you have shared here. There are so pasadena convalescent home many attractions there in Bhutan and it's good to see the details shared here. Thank you so much for sharing such attractive place details over here. It will be really helpful for people.


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