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Live With Your Partner in Australia with Partner Visa: Facts and Figures

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  • Live With Your Partner in Australia with Partner Visa: Facts and Figures

    Australia is recognised for its vast landscape and easy back, sunny, fun lifestyle - add to it a decent job and you have got a superbly balanced lifestyle. With a thriving economy and wonderful working opportunities, Australia has become one amongst the most beloved destinations to work and live. Many of us call Australia the 'Lucky Country' and so it is. The reality is: you'll be able to live in Australia and there's just one condition. You must, of course, acquire a visa initially. However, this is often not as tough as it might sound. Contact best Migration Agent Perth to know about your visa and immigration options for Australia.
    Another situation comes up when you are in a relationship with a person living in Australia as a citizen or permanent resident. To live with your partner, you have to get an Australian visa and there is one for such need. There is a Partner Visa for Australia which can solve your purpose.

    Partner Visa
    This visa is given to an individual who is in a relationship with a person (married or de facto) with a person who is:
    (i) An Australian permanent resident,
    (ii) An Australian citizen, or
    (iii) An eligible New Zealand citizen.
    This visa is given under two subclasses (each of the subclasses are in themselves a visa), the provisional partner visa (Visa 820) and the permanent partner visa (Visa 801). Both of these visas are just the same. While the permanent visa gives the permanent resident status to the visa holder, it is not given until a final decision is made on the partner visa. Until then, the applicant has to live in Australia with the provisional visa only which is also granted after much time and trouble. The partner visa Australia processing time is considerably long (about two years or more) mainly because of the fact that many people misuse it. They show an existing relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident and after a few years when they acquire the PR status, they leave the relationship and go on living there. Of course, this has also put many genuine applicants in jeopardy.
    It is also very expensive. The visa application alone could cost you more than 7,000 Australian dollars. You should contact a good migration agent who is past experience in acquiring the partner visa for Australia. The agent might also be able to reduce some spouse visa Australia processing time too.

    If you are living as an Australian Permanent Resident, you are allowed to travel in and out of Australia for a few years only. After that, you have to obtain the Resident Return Visa for Australia to be able to regain the travel facility on your permanent visa without losing your PR status when you return to Australia.
    The Resident Return Visa also commonly known as the Visa 155 which gives the international travel facility to Australian permanent residents and some former Australian citizens. The average resident return visa processing time is around 30 days.
    To know more immigration to Australia, contact Migration Agent Perth.
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