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  • wash a car

    I just bought some Armor All car wash concentrate, and I was just wondering if anyone knew how bad it would be on the grass to wash my car on the lawn. I know it isn't miracle grow or anything, but will it kill all the grass? It doesn't say anything about it on the bottle, and I was just wanting to find out before I tried because Mom would rip my head off if i killed all the grass

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    I don't think it will help. I wipe off car wash suds by the driveway and wash my hooded bra in the grass and it hasn't killed him yet. I do not use turtle wax, but it is a concentrated gel, also very often I use steamer for cars it does not create foam and cleans dirt more effectively.
    I say do it, and if it kills your weed, tell your mom that someone vandalized you guys with gasoline.
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        Hey folks! I would like to buy a new car. Could you please advise me on which one?


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          In fact, it is difficult for me to advise you which car you should buy, because it is very subjective, but still I will try to help you. I think you should pay attention to the Porsche sedan 4 door

          This is a great car that is perfect for you if you have a family and you often like to ride with it on vacation.


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            I am a car blogger and every day I review different fast and not so fast cars. I like my hobby and part-time hobby. People often ask me how old do you have to be to rent a car in colorado ? I say that if you have a driver's license and you are 16 years old, you can easily order any car to any taste and color. Freedom of choice and action is the best thing you can do.
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