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Urgent: Police will start screening for illigal foreigners"florida"

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  • Urgent: Police will start screening for illigal foreigners"florida"

    Police are not screening for illegal foreigners,and many officers in Florida are either anware of the program or don't know how to proceed. I had experienced in Davie where I got detained by an officer and he really asked if I am a citizen, believe it or not, just because of the name and this is before 9/11.
    Here is the whole article about Screening for illegal immigrants in Miami herald news paper on Jan/21/03

    I'm not sure how the 10millions illegal immigrants can react to this news, and I am just afraid that they will start driving without insurance and driver license which is gonna make some people's lives miserable in case of accident since the insurance won't unsure them.

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    Police are not screening for illegal foreigners,and many officers in Florida are either anware of the program or don't know how to proceed. I had experienced in Davie where I got detained by an officer and he really asked if I am a citizen, believe it or not, just because of the name and this is before 9/11.
    Here is the whole article about Screening for illegal immigrants in Miami herald news paper on Jan/21/03

    I'm not sure how the 10millions illegal immigrants can react to this news, and I am just afraid that they will start driving without insurance and driver license which is gonna make some people's lives miserable in case of accident since the insurance won't unsure them.


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      I'm from florida myself, and I had read that article oh Herald. We do have lots of illegal immigrants, especially in Hialiah,people from Peru, nicaragua and haitians, and it will be very tough for illegals everywhere in the usa. but hey, it will be no more discrimination for arabs and muslims only, but now it will be an equality to search for anyone who violated the law of the free land.


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        Posted on Tue, Jan. 21, 2003

        Police not screening for illegal foreigners
        Officers unaware of program or don't know how to proceed

        It was considered a powerful new law enforcement tool to spot immigrants with no legal right to be in the United States and, perhaps, catch potential foreign-born terrorists before they struck: Florida driver's licenses of foreign nationals temporarily in the country expire when their immigration papers do.

        The widespread notion was that traffic stops could lead to immigration busts.

        But more than a year after Gov. Jeb Bush ordered the rule change in response to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists attacks, law enforcement agencies are doing almost nothing to enforce it.

        Many police officers either are not aware of the program or don't know how to proceed under the new rules, according to several major South Florida police departments. Police officers do not routinely arrest drivers whose licenses have expired or call immigration agents when they discover that a driver's visa has expired. In most cases, police said, foreign nationals stopped while driving with expired licenses are simply ticketed.

        Visa violators could potentially be identified because, unlike typical driver's license holders, their licenses would likely expire on dates other than their birthdays.

        But a major drawback is that the computer databases officers check during traffic stops indicate only whether drivers are noncitizens, not whether they have overstayed their visas.

        ''Not having instructions in the database on what to do with a foreign national with an expired license is a missed opportunity,'' said Lt. Pat Santangelo, a spokesman for the Florida Highway Patrol turnpike troop.

        ''If we stop someone with an expired license for a routine traffic violation, we don't inquire that much as to why it expired,'' Santangelo added. ``We issue a citation, unless an arrest warrant comes up.''

        Cheryl Stopnick, a Broward Sheriff's Office spokeswoman, said her department doesn't use the program.


        The Miami Police Department was the only agency of those surveyed that said drivers with expired licenses might be subject to arrest.

        It's unclear how many drivers with expired licenses have been arrested or cited since the program started in December 2001. Neither immigration authorities nor local police departments have compiled figures.

        Lt. Julio Pajon, an FHP spokesman in Miami-Dade County, said he could recall one incident in Little Havana about six or eight months ago when a driver was arrested and immigration agents were called.

        Despite the program's apparent shortcomings, officials in the governor's administration said it's part of an evolving strategy to thwart foreign threats.

        ''This is an ongoing process . . . as we all work together to protect the rights and safety of Florida residents,'' said Alia Faraj, a Bush spokeswoman.

        ''It's just one piece of additional information for the officer,'' said Jean Itzin, an official at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which maintains the criminal information database into which officers tap.


        The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, which issues licenses, also defended the program as one piece of a broader campaign. It ''was merely one detail in a much larger picture of changes aimed at enhancing our domestic security,'' the agency said in a statement.

        A senior U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service official in Miami praised the program as an effective tool to combat visa scofflaws.

        ''It's a great thing the state did,'' said John Shewairy, the INS Florida district office chief of staff. ``The state of Florida used to issue driver licenses for a number of years. If someone was only supposed to be here for six months and got a license for several years, it allowed that person to slip into the mainstream of society and have in their possession a legitimately issued, valid state ID document when that person was only authorized to be the U.S. for a number of months.''

        Since 1999, the DHSMV has required that applicants prove they are in the United States legally before issuing licenses. But the governor mandated the license-visa program following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks carried out by 19 foreign-born hijackers -- many of whom had obtained driver's licenses in several states including Florida. Mohamed Atta, the reputed plot leader, had a Florida driver's license.

        Atta had overstayed his visa by more than a month on his first trip to the United States in 2000 but gained admission again in early 2001 when he explained that he had applied for a student visa.

        He was then stopped twice by police officers in South Florida and the second time avoided arrest because a bench warrant stemming from the first stop had not been added to a state database that officers consult when checking a driver's record.

        The program has, as many immigration advocates predicted, made it virtually impossible for undocumented immigrants to get licenses. Several who were interviewed said they continue to drive -- just more cautiously.

        ''I drive only in the daytime, slowly, and avoid the expressways or major roads,'' said a Guatemalan man who was interviewed one day last week at a driver's license office in Miami-Dade County.

        ''The bottom line is that many illegals are driving without licenses,'' said Miami immigration attorney Tammy Fox-Isicoff. 'This is going to take three to four years until the insurance companies finally say, `You caused us to pay so many uninsured motorist claims,' that Florida realizes it made a mistake.''


        Other undocumented immigrants said they have stopped driving because they are afraid they are going to be deported if stopped by the police.

        ''I walk many times, often miles, just to get to my job,'' said a Salvadoran man who is here without papers and works at a restaurant in the southern part of the county.

        One new strategy to prevent noncitizens from using bogus documents to get driver's licenses does appear to be working, state officials said. Greater scrutiny at driver's license offices doubled the number of fraudulent document cases from 2,943 in 2001 to 4,640 last year, according to the DHSMV.

        Still, Modesto Burgos, the Hispanic community liaison for the department, said driver's license office employees are not immigration agents and foreign nationals should not fear coming to the agency's branches.

        ''All the department is doing is making sure that whoever has that license is, number one, qualified; two, that the person is who he or she says he or she is; third, that that person has a legal presence in this country,'' Burgos said.


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          Are police officers finally doing their jobs!? We need to stop illegal immigration and if we start catching them (which is the LAW) it might not seem so easy for them to attempt to come here and break our laws! At last!


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            Shame on you to be happy for other people's sadness. I know the law is the law, but still we don't have to feel the joi when someone else gets hurt either from the hardship of his country, or the abuse of ladies or anything. Let's be happy for better world and better life for everyone.


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                is this illegal immigrants and police screening for real


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