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    It was only going to be a matter of time before we get the cockroaches like "CONCERNED USC" to post stupid things. I really don't believe you are who you said you are. The only people I heard speaking like you were the Iraqis. So maybe I ought to prompt the FBI to investigate this board. Or even start a campaign to get the attention of the INS to look into this board. Maybe I'll just start doing that. I find a lot of anti-Americanism on this board.


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      as much as I feel sorry for the astranauts, I do not agree that they have "given" anything special or more or that their loss of live is any more grave than the thousands of starving children, victims of state or individual terror and what have you on this bleak planet at this time... Certainly, their families will be well taken care of after this and they all lead extremely privileged lifes way ahead their untimely deaths.

      I don't agree that thousands of children are starving right here in this country or live under deplorable conditions, or that millions don't have basic health care, while private industries get rich and richer by having tax-payers finance their childhood disillisions of being a "space man".

      Space exploration's gains in science and knowledge is not reaching even 85% of todays world population. We have so much money to blow up in the air or in bombs on other countries and nations, and yet, no money to make life on this one planet more bearable for all...

      If space exploration was private as it ought to be, what do you think would happen?


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        For some one to be so concerned about the death of few people and not concerned about the daily murder of tens of people in Palestine and the possible death of hunderds of thousands of innocent people in Iraq - some one like that must have "balls" not "holes".


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          May I suggest something?



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            you mean like blowing that spacecraft ourselves, similar to sniper shootings?


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              To guest:
              With all due respect, these persons died on line of duty. The death was accidental. People die every day by accident, natural calemities or natural death. We all mourn them. When somebody dies on line of duty, that is not called a natural death. We should consider them just a human being and mourn them and not make a political mud throwing.
              If by praising Americans or its government somebody could get Green Card, I think you would have been the first person to do that. You seems to be frustrated because you could not legalize yourself here.
              God bless you and solve all your problems.
              God Bless America.


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                This is a very sad day for all of us. I can't imagine how the family can cope with this tragedy. They were so near yet they're gone in a blink of an eye forever. These are heroes who gave their lives for humanity.My prayers and condolences to the 7 astraunots and their families. May God bring them into the light of His presence....


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                  People die everyday. America will kill thousands of innocent people in Iraq, they have killed thoudands of people in Afghanistan, Their biggest ally, Israel kill thoudands of innocent Arabs. Last time I checked, all human beings were created by God and for him they are all equal, What's so special about these 7. Nothing. They died while performing their duties. Death is always a tragedy. Atleast these were the fortunate ones, they will be remembered in history and the whole country is mourning. How about shedding few tears for all the unfortunate ones who know one remembers, we call it "Collateral damage" Shame on all of you who think that the death of these 7 is somehow a bigger tragedy.


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                    "PEOPLE DIE EVERY DAY" I could'nt agree more with the guest who posted that. YOU are asloutely right.


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                      Exactly, yesterday died +7 more.


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                        I just don't understand where you ruthless and heartless people come from. You have taken this post of compassion and sincerity to it's limit. Of course I care for those who have lost a loved one, in this country or any other. When I am sitting there and watching the world news seeing families carrying their loved ones down the street with tears in their eyes, mothers hoovering over their sons and/or daughters lying half dead or dead in the streets begging for their life, you don't think this does not affect me????????? Well, you are wrong!!!! VERY WRONG!!!!!

                        But, I also feel for the families and freinds that lost their loved ones in such a tragic situation as that of the space shuttle. These people need to be recognized because it is good people such as these that make good leaders of our world, role models for our children. They have worked hard and have made a place in life to help build new knowledge for our world today. Without these and many other brave and intelligent people, where would we be?

                        I shed a tear for ALL those that have lost a loved one whether it be black, white, yellow or any other color of nationality because guess what? Even though they may be of a different culture or on the other side of the world, they still have hearts, they still feel, and they still mourn just as you and I.

                        What more can I say!


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                          To alc:
                          In every religion of the world, respect is shown to the dead person, irrespect of his deeds in his real life. These people died for a cause, for scietific experiment which will benefit our future generations.
                          Alc, don't worry about those postings by prejudice people who have no respect for humanity.
                          We all send our heart felt condolences to the families of those, who died in this expedition.
                          God Bless America.


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                            On behalf of myself and from others on this board that you have helped, from those you have taken time to advice with your great knowledge, and to those that you have shown compassion and understanding..

                            WE THANK YOU! We definitely need more people like you on this earth!

                            God Bless You!


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                              I just couldn't fathom why your hatred against Americans is down to the core. The death of these innocent 7 has nothing to do with anything. It's just horrifying to see it happened before all the peoples of the world and yet you are enjoying it. I'll be surprised if you are trying to immigrate to the US with this conviction.


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                                Thank you Brownfox, as Umesh and a few others on this board that have helped so many, you are all a great asset to this country and many others.

                                May God always direct us down the right path and grab a few others on our way!


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