Wife is from The Netherlands. I'm a US Citizen. Daughter was born in America, and therefore is a US Citizen.

We're trying to get the daughter dual citizenship to The Netherlands. This is proving difficult in only one regard.

We're told by the Consulate General of the Netherlands (New York) that although our daughter is indeed eligible for dual citizenship, her original birth certificate is invalid for their office's use, due to one issue:

Place of Birth:
Lancaster County
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

A "County" is not a recognized territory per the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York, and the office repeatedly asks that we have that line stricken (removed, deleted) from the birth certificate. Calls to the Birth Records office of Pennsylvania ends in the clerks frustratingly declaring they cannot remove that line (Lancaster County) from the birth certificate, as it's "boiler-plate", meaning it's protocol (standard), and that one country's consulate/embassy simply cannot change an established process. Both parties are not helpful, and I fear our daughter won't get dual citizenship over this laughable issue.

Has anyone else had to deal with this folly, and if so, would you mind giving guidance on getting this resolved?