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    Hi everyone, this is the story of my fiancé. He is of indian background and he had an arranged marriage with a woman from Fiji. He was hesitant at first but when he got to know her over the telephone and email he became convinced that she was kind, loving, hardworking, and a family woman. He sumitted her green card application which included and I864 AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT. It was approved and she flew to the usa. Since the first day of her arrival mutual arguments ensued. She was very upset that my fiancé worked 40 hours a week and left her home all day with his mother. She was very upset that he asked her to be nicer to the shoe saleswoman. They argued everyday. Finally my fiancé had enough and told her that he didn't want to be married to her anymore and he moved to the spare bedroom. He filed for divorce and after a full year of spousal support the divorce was granted. It is now 5 years later and she REFUSES to work and is suing him for financial support of $1200 per month every month based on the I864 affidavit of support he signed for her green card approval. My fiancé asked the judge to order her to find a job. The San Francisco appeals court judge ruled that she is not obligated to find a job if she doesn't want to. He says my fiancé HAS TO financially support her until she becomes a USA citizen or works in the USA for 10 years. BUT she refuses to become a USA citizen and refuses to work. My fiancé will have his wages garnished.


    Also please notice that on page 4 of the appeal court case documents above Ashlyne claims and I quote
    "Ashlyne reported that when she tried to apply for jobs, she was asked for proof of residency, and that aft"
    This is one of her MANY MANY lies because it is ILLEGAL for an employer to ask you for proof or residency when you apply for a job. The employer is only allowed to ask you for a valid ID and ask you to fill out a form I-9. Look it up, it is the law. She can easily tell this lie and it show that she is prone to lie for convenience.

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    It is easy to dismiss this post but this court case will affect more people than just my fiancé. When USA citizens/permanent residents find out that signing an I864 affidavit of support will make you financially responsible for the rest of your life they will find reasons to avoid sponsoring immigrants. Immigrants that are hardworking and have real and true intentions of coming to the United States to work and make a better life for their families will find it nearly impossible to find sponsors. One greedy woman that refuses to work and is suing her sponsor for a lifetime of support will have an extremely negative impact on the lives of other immigrants who wish to live and work hard in the USA.


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