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Will I see rats in Canada?

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  • Will I see rats in Canada?

    I do not like pests and my wife simply is afraid of the rats. So it is a very important question for my family. Will we see them anywhere on the streets or in the apts? Or it is not a problem?

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    I do not think that there are a lot of rats in Canada. Mosquitos may be, but not rats and mice. At the moment I didn't see them so frequently. Anyway, Everpest Pest Repellers will resolve your problem. We have them here a lot to order.


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      Should I be concerned? · How do I know if I have a problem? · How can I get rid of rats and mice?

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        Maybe for months and months a rat colony someplace in Toronto is benefitting from restaurant trash and now suddenly it has disappeared UPSers
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          The closure of restaurants and the retreat by humans indoors is having an effect on the eating habits and behaviour of rats, say experts. shareit vidmate
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            Originally posted by MartinJimenez View Post
            I do not like pests and my wife simply is afraid of the rats. So it is a very important question for my family. Will we see them anywhere on the streets or in the apts? Or it is not a problem?
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              The Pest Repeller is an effective, safe and durable device that will solve your pest problem and prevent all pest-borne diseases. More here
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