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Do I still need to register w/ INS if already have pending I-130 + removal proceedings?

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    Dear Watching You,

    I don't know what you are talking about, and I am not really interested what you have to say, I have heard that crap many times... You know none of the people here so drop your prejudice attitude you have towards illegals or whatever immigrants in general. I am kindly asking you not address me also, I have nothing to do with what you posted here... I am not going to register nor I am running away from the law. I am not looking for any loopholes or anything, my case is going a legitimate way...

    What I need to do is to register with the Selective Service, and I don't find it as burden to me, I will do it with pleasure... I will join the US military anyway...

    Foo, 28 months is kind of long, are you the same person with Gorgo & Flaco? That person was waiting for 28 months too... I don't know, every case is different in its own. Our I-130 is pending for 11 months now, and IJ, congressperson monitoring it. I am not worried about it, it will come approved soon.

    I also would like to ask you, your IJ's attitude in the I-130 situation. IJ's has a lot of power over INS and they shouldn't let the INS mess over them. Did your IJ ask the INS to expedite the I-130?

    I wish you guys good luck with that "Special Registration"...

    Guest, here is my story, I hope it will help you understand the situation...

    I was a victim of cirsumstances basically after Sept.11, I was engaged with my wife that time and we had planned our wedding and everything, since I was out of status we thought it'd be nice to have a lawyer to handle the case. We called the guy from our state and he was going to file it, oneday I lost my wallet and we called this lawyer again to ask if it would be problem since my birth cert. was gone... I had my passport as my ID, and it said "PILOT" in the occupation... Yes I am a pilot. Next day I was in INS custody... It was quite normal thing to do, in that situation FBI had to see me and investigate me, one never knows who is a threat or who is innocent, so before the wedding, the proceedings started that way. FBI did a good job and cleared me twice on seperate investigations. Just waiting on INS to approve the I-130, that's all...


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      is it logical to be arrested and detained and investigated by FBI just because yr passport says Pilot ??? it sounds bizzare to me even if you were illegal at time of arrest ..even with the post 9/11 circumstamces....
      it's not fair at all...


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        Dear lll,

        It is a matter of fitting the profile, a young man who is a pilot and out of status, also about to get married and from a muslim country... Since they can't read your mind, they had to investigate, I am glad they did, so that I am clear right now. It was that attorney's panic and exaggeration. He had the guts to ask my wife "Are you sure you want to marry this man?" What is this supposed to mean? And then she got so upset and cried, that added to this attorney's panic. What happened? FBI came and interviewed me for an hour and a half, the concern was I schooled at a flight school (without knowing of course) where terrorists had visited in the past. If INS hadn't showed up with the FBI, probably these proceedings would have never commenced. My charges were overstaying only. Like I said FBI cleared me twice, but now our I-130 got stuck in IBIS. It makes you think if the INS purposely holding up the petition.

        So if you ask me, for the sake of national security they did the right thing, and investigated me, now they know everything about me and I am so glad I was able to help them. I have dealt with 2 FBI SAs and they were great people. About INS people, out of 5 people I have dealt with 2 of 'em were nice, the others were... errrm.... classic INS employees... :-)


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          To "Bushmaster" And I quote,"My charges were for overstaying only" . To the INS you are a criminal. Nuff said.


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            Dear Watching You,

            Who is NOT a criminal to the INS? And so it is a crime(!) to overstay, why is it being pardoned in most occasions when applied for an AOS? For the sake of you, US citizens... Don't pass judgement on people, I know your type...

            If you ask me, you didn't say NUFF...


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              Well, I don't know who are you addressing with your entire message but I can surely say you are not addressing me...

              When did I say I am watching someone, or when did I say I am an American?

              You are seriously lost buddy, or confused me with someone else, go back and read the messages again...


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                Give me a break.......ignorance is so sad.
                Sorry again!!


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                  No need to apologize, it is OK, I figured that

                  God Bless You and your hubby and try not to get angry so often


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